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Alcatel Move Time – a safety timepiece

Alcatel Move Time – a safety timepiece

I couldn’t contain how excited I was when Alcatel gave me the opportunity to take one of their smart watches through a trial run. I’d had been told it was more for a junior market and aimed at children which excited me even more. Unfortunately, when I unpacked the bright orange, blue and yellow toy-like time teller, it wouldn’t wrap around my wrist and instead I enlisted the help of a younger confidant. With his parents’ permission I could stalk him to my heart’s content.

So, little Mogale aka Mo agreed to wear the Move...

Teeny tiny TomTom Touch

Teeny tiny TomTom Touch

TomTom has introduced the Touch to its range of fitness gear and interestingly enough, this new fitness band is the first to feature a...

Fitbit’s new Blaze hits the ground running

Fitbit’s new Blaze hits the ground running

Fitbit recently launched the Fitbit Blaze in Johannesburg at the iStore on Sandton Drive. Guests were invited to take part in a secret sunrise...

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