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Teeny tiny TomTom Touch

Teeny tiny TomTom Touch

TomTom has introduced the Touch to its range of fitness gear and interestingly enough, this new fitness band is the first to feature a body composition feature.

Okay, okay, so perhaps not teeny tiny but put into context and compared to some of the fitness trackers on the market currently, the TomTom Touch is small, neat and lightweight.

It might be little but that definitely doesn’t take away from the design and inner workings – I think it’s quite obvious that a lot of thought has gone into the TomTom Touch.

Excitingly, however, and quite unexpected, the...

Fitbit’s new Blaze hits the ground running

Fitbit’s new Blaze hits the ground running

Fitbit recently launched the Fitbit Blaze in Johannesburg at the iStore on Sandton Drive. Guests were invited to take part in a secret sunrise...

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