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Mi5 – smooth lines and so much more

Mi5 – smooth lines and so much more

Meet the rising star in the Xiaomi range, the flagship smartphone, the Mi5. Sleek in design and easy to use, I fell for this little gadget quite hard. Using the smartphone came quite naturally and there was no faffing or learning the ropes before making use of the device. As most of us know, security on the wake-up of a phone uses numbers and/or finger prints. The Mi5 takes that a little bit further and gives you options – we like options. Fingerprint and/or number or fingerprint and/or password. I opted for the password...

Hisense Infinity KO and beyond

Hisense Infinity KO and beyond

When I started writing this post I’d just come back from the launch of the new Hisense Infinity KO. Let’s just say I’m gobsmacked....

Al-ta or nothing

Al-ta or nothing

   First off, I plan to do this a little differently…


I am currently a proud Apple Watch owner and in the interim I...

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