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Expect to be disrupted 

Expect to be disrupted 

A smart approach to investing in innovation

That innovation is important and necessary for survival goes without saying. While there is no universal solution for organisations looking to improve their ability to generate, develop, and disseminate new ideas, some strategies are superior to others.

“The process of innovation should continuously introduce new value or benefits to your customer. If you’re not doing that, you can expect to be disrupted,” says Pierre Aurel, strategic project manager, e4. “Without investing in innovation, you will always be susceptible to competition. The right strategy requires time, funding and a process...

Gone phishing, vishing or smishing?

Gone phishing, vishing or smishing?

Digital banking scams to guard against

I can’t think of a person who has not been affected by some type of phishing attempt...

Opinion: The real ‘digital opportunity’ in banking

Opinion: The real ‘digital opportunity’ in banking

For most of us, banking is a ‘grudge purchase’. We don’t wake up in the morning and look forward to paying accounts, drawing cash...


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