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7 steps to avoid DDoS onslaught

7 steps to avoid DDoS onslaught

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks continue to evolve at an alarming rate, causing major concern for CIOs, CSOs and CEOs across South Africa, says Bryan Hamman, territory manager for sub-Saharan Africa at Arbor Networks.

Not only are the attacks getting bigger (some orchestrated attacks are topping a mammoth 800 Gbps), but they’re also getting more complicated: with multi-vector attacks simultaneously targeting different areas of the victim’s infrastructure, and IoT devices like cameras and DVRs being weaponised into devastating zombie armies of botnets.

Spend time researching and understanding the threats

Find out which types of attacks are...

SA fears theft of private data

SA fears theft of private data

BT urges companies to be proactive in safeguarding business critical data.

Digital businesses need to adopt a more proactive approach to cyber-security that entails a...

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