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“Trafficked Underworlds” with Mariana van Zeller is back

“Trafficked Underworlds” with Mariana van Zeller is back

National Geographic is once again pushing the boundaries of investigative journalism with the highly anticipated fourth season of “Trafficked Underworlds,” set to premiere on May 23, 2024. Led by Mariana van Zeller, this Emmy-nominated series delves into the shadowy realms of the global black market economy, unveiling the complex and often dangerous inner workings that fuel this multitrillion-dollar industry.

With the Peabody and DuPont Award-winning journalist at the helm, “Trafficked Underworlds” takes viewers on a gripping journey as van Zeller infiltrates various underworlds, shedding light on the geopolitical circumstances that drive these illicit trades. From assassins to sextortion, body parts to black market medicine, each episode offers a 360-degree view of the trafficking world, showcasing the perspectives of smugglers, law enforcement, and those caught in the crossfire.

In its fourth season, the series promises to explore even darker corners of the global underworld. Viewers accompany van Zeller, as she ventures into the worlds of hitmen, revealing the motivations behind these deadly professions. The investigation takes her from the streets of Los Angeles to the heart of South Africa, where contract killings have become alarmingly commonplace.

“Sextortion” tackles a modern-day blackmail epidemic, taking van Zeller to the Philippines to uncover the disturbing realities of online exploitation. Meanwhile, “Body Parts” exposes the lucrative trade in human remains, highlighting the widespread abuses within this largely hidden industry.

“Black Market Meds” shines a light on the rising demand for illicit prescription drugs, leading van Zeller to Mexico and India in pursuit of the criminals capitalising on vulnerable patients. The episode raises critical questions about the regulation of pharmaceutical markets and the consequences of unchecked greed.

From the illegal trade of wild apes in the Congo to the billion-dollar business of migrant smuggling along the U.S.-Mexico border, each instalment of “Trafficked Underworlds” offers a glimpse into the depths of human depravity and exploitation.

As van Zeller uncovers the intricate webs of crime and corruption, viewers are reminded of the urgent need for vigilance and advocacy in the fight against trafficking. Through her fearless reporting, she amplifies the voices of those impacted by these illicit trades, offering hope for a future where justice prevails.

With its unprecedented access and unflinching storytelling, “Trafficked Underworlds” continues to captivate audiences and garner critical acclaim. Nominated for multiple news and documentary Emmys, the series has earned accolades for its compelling narratives and insightful reporting.

Don’t miss the premiere of the fourth season of “Trafficked Underworlds” on National Geographic, airing Thursdays at 21:00 from May 23, 2024. Tune in to witness van Zeller’s relentless pursuit of truth in some of the world’s most dangerous domains.

For those eager to embark on this eye-opening journey, “Trafficked Underworlds” can be found on DSTV channel 181 and StarSat channel 220 (220 on DTH, 220 on DTT, 249 on DTT in Uganda).

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