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Comic Con Cape Town: the magic of animation

Comic Con Cape Town: the magic of animation

South African animators and digital creators are in for a treat this year as the Cape Town International Animation Festival (CTIAF) unveils an exceptional line-up of international speakers. This rare opportunity promises a unique insight into some of the world’s most renowned animation projects, right from the heart of Cape Town’s Comic Con programme.

Troy Quane: Nimona’s Magic Unveiled

Leading the charge is Troy Quane, the director behind the 2024 Academy Award-nominated Best Animated Feature, “Nimona.” Quane, a Canadian-American stalwart of the Hollywood animation industry, will lift the veil on the making of this cinematic gem. Based on the beloved graphic novel by ND Stevenson, “Nimona” has garnered critical acclaim worldwide. Quane’s illustrious career also boasts directing credits for major studio hits like “Spies in Disguise,” featuring the likes of Will Smith and Tom Holland, and contributions to Disney classics like “Enchanted” and “The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol.”

Menna Hamdy: Egypt’s Animation Renaissance

Menna Hamdy, Assistant Director of “Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire” and Art Director at Giraffics studio, will offer festival-goers a captivating glimpse into Egypt’s thriving animation scene. “Kizazi Moto” is an electrifying animated sci-fi anthology showcasing ten futuristic African narratives. Executive produced by Oscar-winning director Peter Ramsey, these shorts bring to life a myriad of African-inspired worlds, brimming with technology, aliens, spirits, and monsters. Hamdy’s multifaceted role in the project as a concept artist, illustrator, and Assistant Director offers a fascinating case study of creativity and collaboration in action.

Boy Kills World: A Visual Spectacle

Coinciding with Comic Con Weekend, the much-anticipated film “Boy Kills World” is set to hit cinemas. Esther Pearl and Clyde Beech will guide festival delegates through the artistic journey behind the film’s captivating animated titles. Esther, with her two-decade-long career in Production Management at Pixar Animation Studios, has been instrumental in shaping iconic films like “The Incredibles,” “Wall-e,” and “Monsters Inc.” Clyde Beech, a South African comic book illustrator renowned for his work on “Supa Strika” and “Kwezi Comics,” joins Esther’s international team to bring the film’s art design and animation to life.

A Testament to South Africa’s Rising Animation Scene

Dianne Makings, the show director of CTIAF, expresses her enthusiasm, stating, “We are beyond excited to be hosting such incredible talent in Cape Town this year. This speaks volumes about the animation industry’s burgeoning interest in South Africa as an emerging animation hub, rich in raw talent and innovative ideas.” She sees this as a golden opportunity for local animators to gain invaluable insights into global animation creation.

Festival Details and Ticketing

The CTIAF will be held at Comic Con Cape Town at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from April 27-28, 2024. The programme promises a wealth of information, interactive sessions, and presentations from esteemed speakers. A professional programme ticket costs R 850 for the two days, granting delegates access to both the CTIAF and Comic Con festivals.

While Comic Con attendees can revel in some animation-themed activities on the show floor, a CTIAF ticket is essential for access to the full Cape Town International Animation Festival programme.

For more details on the 2024 CTIAF programme, visit the CTIAF website. To purchase tickets for Comic Con Cape Town and the CTIAF show, head over to Comic Con Cape Town’s official website.

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to dive deep into the mesmerising world of animation and connect with industry trailblazers.








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