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Uber Teen: a new era of travel for teens in SA

Uber Teen: a new era of travel for teens in SA

The digital age has transformed the way we live, work, and even travel. Recognising the evolving needs of families, Uber has launched Uber Teen Accounts in South Africa and this new feature aims to provide a safe and independent travel option for teens aged 13-17.

Empowering Teens with Independence

Uber Teen Accounts allow parents and guardians to invite their teens to create a specialised Uber account through their family profile. This seamless integration ensures that teens can request rides independently, offering them a sense of freedom while maintaining the security and peace of mind for their families.

Safety First: Built-in Features for Peace of Mind

At Uber, safety is a top priority. The Uber Teen Accounts come with a range of built-in safety features to ensure a secure and reliable experience for both teens and their families:

  • Live Trip Tracking: Parents can stay informed with real-time updates and live trip tracking, allowing them to monitor their teen’s journey every step of the way.
  • PIN Verification: Before starting a trip, teens are prompted to provide a unique PIN to their driver. This extra layer of security ensures that they board the right vehicle with the correct driver.
  • RideCheck: Utilising sensors and GPS data, Uber’s RideCheck feature monitors rides for any unexpected deviations or stops. If any such anomalies are detected, both the teen and the driver are immediately notified.
  • Audio Recording: For added security, an optional audio recording feature is available. This feature allows users to record their trip’s audio directly through the app. All recordings are automatically encrypted to ensure privacy for all parties involved.
  • Expanded Communication: Parents and guardians can contact their teen’s driver at any time during the trip, fostering open communication and reassurance.

Quality and Trust: Ensuring a Safe Ride Every Time

Uber is committed to providing a safe and reliable service. Only highly-rated, experienced drivers who have passed local screening and background checks can accept trip requests from teen account holders. Moreover, drivers have the flexibility to opt-out of receiving teen trips at any time, ensuring a positive experience for both drivers and riders.

Rider Verification: Promoting Accountability for All

In addition to the Teen Accounts, Uber has introduced Rider Verification, a feature designed to promote vigilance and accountability for both riders and drivers. This feature evaluates details such as expiry dates and the uniqueness of ID numbers on Uber’s system, further enhancing the safety and security of the Uber platform.

Safer Travel with Uber Teen Accounts

Uber Teen Accounts represent a significant step forward in empowering teens with independence while prioritising safety and peace of mind for their families. With these innovative features and a commitment to excellence, Uber continues to redefine the future of transportation, making travel safer and more accessible for everyone in South Africa.

Join us in embracing this new era of safe and independent travel with Uber Teen Accounts. Stay connected, stay safe, and let’s move forward together!


Photo credit: Photo by Luke Porter 

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