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Fujifilm launches the new Instax Mini 99

Fujifilm launches the new Instax Mini 99

Film photography has an appeal that digital just can’t quite replicate; the unpredictability and charm of analogue form part of a timeless appeal. Fujifilm South Africa is adding a new chapter to this legacy with the introduction of the Instax Mini 99, a high-end addition to their instant camera line-up.

Unparalleled Analogue Capabilities

The Instax Mini 99 is packed with unique features and at the heart of its offerings is the Colour Effect Control dial. Positioned conveniently above the viewfinder on the top left corner, this dial allows users to choose from six distinct analogue colour effects: Faded Green, Warm Tone, Light Blue, Soft Magenta, Sepia, and Light Leak. What’s fascinating is that these effects are applied directly onto the film using four LEDs embedded within the camera body, according to Instax.

Adjacent to the viewfinder, on the top right corner, you’ll find the Brightness Control Dial. This dial offers five brightness settings, enabling users to adjust the image’s luminosity to their liking. Complementing these controls is the Vignette Mode switch located on the front of the lens. This manual switch lets photographers reduce exposure around the edges, drawing focus to the centre of each shot.

Expand Your Creativity

Combining these analogue features unlocks a world of creative possibilities. But Fujifilm doesn’t stop there; they’ve added two more distinctive modes to the Instax Mini 99:

  • Bulb Mode: Allows the shutter to remain open for up to 10 seconds, capturing unique light streaks or trails.
  • Double Exposure Mode: Enables the superimposition of two individual shots onto a single photo.

Monitoring the chosen shooting mode, battery life, and remaining film is made easy with a compact LCD screen on the camera’s rear.

Timeless Design Meets Modern Convenience

The Instax Mini 99 builds on the classic design of its predecessor, the Mini 90, featuring a leather-like matte texture that feels as good as it looks. The has a hammertone coating and coloured text, which gives it a premium feel. Weighing in at approximately 350g, this camera is both stylish and portable. It uses the popular Instax Mini instant film, producing images measuring 62mm x 46mm in just 90 seconds.

Powering the Instax Mini 99 is a removable rechargeable battery, providing enough juice for 100 frames on a single charge. A USB Type-C charging cable and charger are included for added convenience. Other user-friendly features include a tripod thread and a bottom grip, making it easier than ever to capture that perfect selfie.

Availability and Pricing

The Instax Mini 99 should’ve hit South African shelves already so pricing details will be announced soon. Alongside the camera, Fujifilm is launching a new mini-format film called Photo Slide this. Inspired by vintage photo slide mounts, this film promises to evoke nostalgia while offering a familiar experience to longtime Instax users.


With its blend of classic design and innovative features, the Instax Mini 99 is set to redefine analogue photography for us, the modern users. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a casual snap-shooter, this high-end instant camera promises to inspire creativity and capture memories in a unique and captivating way.

P.S. Stay Connected with Instax UP! App

For existing Instax enthusiasts, Fujifilm has updated its popular Instax UP! app. This handy smartphone application lets users scan and digitise Instax prints effortlessly…

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