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Reasons to consider a defensive driving course

Reasons to consider a defensive driving course

With my keen interest in being behind the wheel, I thought I’d tell you about my experience taking a defensive driving  course with MasterDrive and why I think we should all consider doing something like this.

The roads are where adventure and challenges intertwine, and as I was afforded the opportunity to take part in a defensive driving course, I thought I’d make a list of why defensive driving could save your life in the long run! We all know how to drive (mostly) but a lot of the “training” I did during the day of the course, just made sense.

With stats for last year’s festive season deaths on the road being 12 545 individuals, according to the Road Traffic Management Corp (RTMC), I think a run down of why a course like this could only benefit you, was a must!

After an intense theory session, where questions are put to you and you are welcome to ask as many questions as you like, you hop into your own vehicle – not before you’ve examined the exterior of your car with your instructor, in my case, Nthabiseng Shabalala, (pictured below), and he tests you, and I mean it, I was quizzed!

So buckle up and let’s get into why we should all think about signing up for defensive driving!

1. Enhanced safety awareness

A defensive driving course equips you with a heightened sense of safety awareness, empowering you to anticipate potential hazards and proactively avoid accidents.

2. Mastering road risks

South Africa’s diverse landscapes pose unique challenges for drivers—potholes, unexpected wildlife crossings, erratic drivers which includes everyone’s favourite foe, taxi drivers. Embracing defensive driving techniques ensures you’re well-prepared to handle any road risks, turning uncertainties into opportunities for safe navigation.

3. Safer roads for all

Becoming a defensive driver contributes to reducing road accidents, injuries, and fatalities. If only we were a league of responsible drivers who are committed to making our roads safer for everyone.

4. Unlocking Insurance Premium Savings

Why pay more for insurance when you can save? Completion of a defensive driving course often qualifies you for substantial discounts on insurance premiums, proving that responsible driving pays off in more ways than one.

5. Preserving Your Driving Privileges

Your driver’s license is your ticket to freedom on the open road and we’re only just being threatened with a points system BUT with the way we recklessly take to streets in our cars on a daily basis, we’ll all be walking soon! So what I’m saying is that, you could safeguard your license, ensuring that nothing comes between you and your job and income and the convenience of going places.

6. Embracing Confidence and Control

Defensive driving instills a sense of control and can empower you to handle challenging situations with ease and dare I say, grace.

7. Driving with Environmental Stewardship

Defensive driving courses often include eco-friendly driving practices, allowing you to play a part in reducing emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.

8. Law-Abiding and Informed

While this is a grey area for some of us, defensive driving courses arm you with better knowledge of traffic regulations and that might just keep you on the right side of the law.

9. Unleashing New Career Opportunities

A world of possibilities awaits those who embrace defensive driving. Employers in the transportation and logistics sectors value candidates with such training, making you stand out in the job market.

Taking the Wheel

The road to becoming a defensive driver is laden with invaluable experiences and newfound wisdom – I was given a few things to work on – my excuse however was that I’d been driving an automatic up until that point and now needed to function in a manual! But excuses don’t matter on the road when it’s too late.

Remember, safer roads start with us!


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