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BozaRide launches local e-hailing platfrom

BozaRide launches local e-hailing platfrom

BozaRide, a local e-hailing platform, has launched in Gauteng, South Africa. BozaRide offers the ride-hailing industry safe, convenient and affordable services for both drivers and riders.

“We are thrilled to officially introduce ourselves as well as our cutting-edge services for e-hailing consumers in South Africa and the country’s market. What sets us apart from international competitors in the market is that we are a locally developed platform and thus understand the needs of the local user. Our services and innovations resonate with both drivers and riders and cater for different needs when it comes to safety, convenience and affordability,” said Ncamiso Mathebula, managing director of BozaRide.

The launch of BozaRide in Mzansi is a real game-changer for the e-hailing industry. Offering personalised user experience for users; drivers are empowered to be their own boss, and riders are offered specialised solutions to enjoy safer rides.

“Some of the biggest challenges faced by the e-hailing industry in South Africa are regulatory issues, safety concerns for both drivers and riders, development of a sustainable business model and low profitability for drivers. At BozaRide, we identified these challenges and we aim to address them. We look to collaborate with professionals and relevant organisations who share our values,” said Mathebula.

What sets BozaRide apart?

BozaRide’s pricing model is designed to ensure fair pricing for riders while ensuring fair compensation for drivers. To ensure higher earnings for drivers, BozaRide charges a competitive commission fee, which is lower compared to international competitors in the market. Riders are offered good-value pricing, which gives the brand an edge in the highly competitive market. The brand’s competitive pricing strategy will help in creating a strong base of low, middle to upper-class customers – reaching thousands of users in Gauteng.

During the launch, Flubert Taga, technical director of BozaRide took the opportunity to present the four vehicle classes, which are currently available on the app.

“The four vehicle classes were selected with the user in mind. Our goal is to provide all riders with an alternative to vehicles for their daily needs. Additionally, for the first time ever in the South African e-hailing market, BozaRide will be the first to introduce an exclusive feature for minor riders, which is called Boza Kids. With this functionality, parents and guardians will be allowed to request and recommend previous drivers for their kids on the app,” said Taga.

Another bonus to BozaRide is the treatment of drivers as partners and not contractors.

BozaRide wants to bring drivers closer and involve them in key areas of operations that affect the business and industry such as pricing model, safety and promotional tactics.

“We also offer a mandatory skills training and development programme to empower drivers. This is aimed at regulating and formalising the industry and ensuring that drivers are operating at a professional level. The training includes customer service, conflict management and etiquette training,” added Taga.

Key features

The app uses a biometric (facial) verification system to avoid registration of multiple accounts by same users and unauthorised uses of the app, a mandatory one-time pin for all trips, zone risk feature (to alert drivers when driving on high risk areas), a functionality to disclose the number of riders upon requesting a ride, an SOS button to connect to next-of-kin contacts and many other emergency contacts.

“The safety of drivers and riders is our concern, thus we use innovative technology to ensure that both users are protected at all times. We work with relevant parties to provide necessary security to our Bozas and to ensure that we solve transportation issues in an innovative and meaningful way,” concluded Taga.

BozaRide has started roll-out in Gauteng and will later expand to other cities/towns across the country.

The driver’s app is now available to download on Apple Store, Google Play Store and App Gallery. According to BozaRide. the e-hailing platform is currently doing driver recruitment and capacitating drivers to ensure delivery of a Boza and enjoyable experience when the rider app becomes available in April 2023.




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