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Instax Mini 12 and UP! app announced

Instax Mini 12 and UP! app announced

The Instax Mini 12, the newest model in Fujifilm’s best-selling line of instant cameras, has been announced by Fujifilm South Africa. The camera builds on the capability of the Instax Mini 11, which was released in May 2020. The Instax Mini 12, however, sets a new standard for simplicity in scene capturing.

Better close-ups, faster prints

The Instax Mini 12 can be used for many different types of photography shoots. For instance, the Mini 12’s “Close-up Mode,” which is ideal for selfies and close-up photographs, can be activated by moving the lens one step.

Importantly, this is the first entry-level Instax to prevent discrepancies in close-ups between the viewfinder field and the actual printout area. Now, users may take close-up pictures without having to move the viewfinder’s centre point. But, while taking a selfie, use the “Selfie Mirror” next to the lens to see the final print’s composition as you’re shooting.

Users will also notice that the camera prints images more quickly after hitting the shutter. Immediately after pushing the shutter button to take a photo with the Instax Mini 12, the print is visible. On the Instax print, the image doesn’t fully develop for about 90 seconds.

The Instax Mini 12 also has ‘Automatic Exposure,’ which enables the camera to choose the ideal exposure for a scene on its own. When the shutter button is pressed, it automatically detects the amount of ambient light and adjusts the shutter speed and flash output to the specific circumstances. How clever!

Pricing and availability

The Instax Mini 12 features a balloon-like appearance and will come in five light-hued hues: Lilac Purple, Pastel Blue, Blossom Pink, Mint Green, and Clay White. The Instax Mini 12 will be released in Japan on March 16; however, when information about its availability and price in South Africa becomes available, it will be posted on social media.

For more information about the Instax Mini 12, please visit:

Instax UP! app also launched 

Additionally, Fujifilm is introducing the new UP! smartphone software for Android* and iOS* devices, designed for those of us who want to convert our physical prints into digital files to post on social media or share with friends. To digitalise Instax prints made with Instax cameras and smartphone printers, including Mini, Square, and Wide formats, use the Instax UP! It’s a free software.

You can scan Instax prints on your smartphone, including frames, using the app. During scanning, UP! lessens light reflections, offers the option to change contrast, brightness, vividness, and colour temperature, and enables you to log the time and location the image was shot. With the smartphone, every scanned image is kept and categorised.

A scanned Instax print can be combined with a preferred background to create a “picture in photo,” as can a collection of original Instax prints that have been arranged however the user sees fit. It’s interesting to note that Instax users can shake their smartphones while creating a collection to create sound effects, simulating the movement of their prints inside a box.

After you’ve finished, you may share the fresh digital photos right from the app with your friends or on social media. Download the Instax UP! app from the iTunes Store or Google Play Store.



















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