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Samsung Jet Vac 90 – unbeatable cleaning performance for your home

Samsung Jet Vac 90 – unbeatable cleaning performance for your home

The Samsung Jet Vac 90 Complete is in its essence a cordless stick vacuum cleaner. Having spent a few weeks with this vacuum cleaner, I thought I’d give you a run-down of my experience and my thoughts.

Stick/cordless vacuum cleaners have definitely taken the headache out of what is usually a very mundane and sometimes annoying task. Gone are the days of getting caught up in cables and tubes and while Dyson seems to dominate the market in cordless stick vacuums, the Samsung Jet Vac 90 is a formidable adversary.

I used to love vacuuming. I was obsessed with keeping my room clean. But I now realise the con my parents pulled on me when they’d ask if I’d “LIKE” to do the rest of the house. My parents were not adverse to a bit of child labour.

The difficulty for me though at a young age was dragging that thing around the house and then getting tangled in cables or twisting the tubes. The constant bag changes were a pain too. With household tech getting more sophisticated, gadgets like the Samsung Jet Vac dare I say, put the “fun” back into a mundane task.

The Samsung Jet Vac 90

The Samsung Jet Vac 90 is the top of the range model in the Samsung stable and the one I got to play with for a few weeks.

I love the elegant look of the Jet Vac 90. The stand, weighted at the base, provides a neat way of storing the Jet Vac and all its accessories, giving it that “no clutter” feel, while also charging the spare battery.

But the stand is not the only benefit – Samsung has equipped the vacuum cleaner with several useful fittings and tools.

The vacuum cleaner’s Project Cyclone system features nine cyclones with seven air inlets that according to Samsung prevent any dust getting out to settle again.

A charge will last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour depending on the intensity of your usage. I have a large house and never once had an issue with the battery running flat.


There are three buttons on top of the body, that adjust the intensity of the Jet Vac.  They’re quite well placed for your thumb to reach and I like that you’re not “pulling a trigger” all the time. Once it’s on, it’s on.

The filtration system

According to Samsung, the multi-layered filtration system traps 99.9% of fine dust particles and allergens.


The Jet Vac had plenty of suction power and was more than capable to pick up food, hair and with its easy manoeuvrability I was really able to get into those nooks and crannies.

The regular head is great for carpets and the soft roller is great for hard floors and changing the heads for each application is recommended for best results.

The Jet Vac 90 did well on our parquet – although I do have my eye on the buffer for wood floors, which is an attachment that doesn’t come with the vacuum cleaner BUT can be purchased separately!

Clean Station

Brilliant but is it necessary? I am not sure.

I think plenty of people with deep pockets will love this but I I’m not sure part with that kind of money.

Essentially the Samsung Clean Station is a dustbin dock.

First off, the cylinder on your Jet Vac 90 that collects your dust needs to be changed to the one that comes with the Clean Station. Remove it, pop it onto the dock, and swoosh – the content is taken care of!

The dock uses high-quality filtration while sucking the debris into a bag. I mean of course it’s super easy and if it’s in your budget – go for it. It definitely stops you from facing any incidents while emptying your cylinder out.

It’s all really convenient and I love how it all fits together.


The downfall of the Samsung Jet Vac 90 is the price. It’s a lot of money to part with. Then again, anyone currently about to spend their money on a Dyson, should definitely take a look at the Samsung Jet Vac 90.

Samsung Jet Vac 90 – R 13 830
Samsung Clean Station – R 3 299






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