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Skyworth launches their new lineup of TVs

Skyworth launches their new lineup of TVs

Skyworth, the technological ground breakers, have just launched new high-end televisions locally, with the incredible 98″ UHD LED Google TV impressing the public at their reveal event.

First, they brought us Android TV, then AI TV, followed by the biggest Android TV in South Africa, Flicker-Free Technology, Chameleon Extreme, the latest Android operating system, and now QLED and mini-LED. Leading the technological charge by creating a full circle ecosystem that offers consumers a seamless, low latency and ultra-high-definition viewing experience, the company has expanded its product offering with the following TVs:

  • SKYWORTH 50” UHD QLED Google TV – 50SUE9500
  • SKYWORTH 55” UHD QLED Google TV – 55SUE9500
  • SKYWORTH 65” UHD QLED Google TV – 65SUE9500
  • SKYWORTH 65” Mini LED Google TV – 65SUE9600
  • SKYWORTH 75” UHD QLED Google TV – 75SUE9500
  • SKYWORTH 75” Mini LED Google TV – 75SUE9600
  • SKYWORTH 86” UHD Google TV – 86SUE9550
  • SKYWORTH 98” UHD LED Google TV – 98SUE9580

Since 1988, Skyworth has been creating quality products and providing consumers with innovative technology. The consistency of premium products and forward-looking technology has allowed the company to establish itself as one of the top five prime TV manufacturers globally.

“It’s our mission to provide consumers with the best product, technology, and value, all at a high level of performance. It’s the brand’s focus to continue to lead the future with premium products and continuous technological innovation. We strive to continuously innovate and expand our product offering. And that is just what this new product offering does,” explains Skyworth brand manager Jaco Joubert.

“Our new products will meet the demands of consumers who are investing in their homes and turning towards quality, affordable TV models. Skyworth TVs can now be connected to a range of smart home devices, covering over 60 device categories, turning your TV into the central hub of a connected home.”

Best technology

As with most technology, getting the best results requires the best operating system, something Skyworth has provided South Africans with since they became the first to break across the smart barrier and introduce Android-based services to local viewers. “Touted by professionals as the year of the Google TV, Skyworth’s Google TV offering, powered by the latest Android OS, makes it easier to get more from your TV.”

Google TVs offer access to a far greater number of Google OS-driven apps than conventional Smart TVs, which means it opens a new world of viewing possibilities. It also enables viewers to interact with the screen’s content, making it the next, greatest step in entertainment and information gathering.

New products

The new products provide an improved performance, enhanced memory management and privacy features. Plus, all UHD models feature two-way Bluetooth 5.0 technology for uninterrupted remote control and interaction with other BT devices.

“The design of the new products is elegant, modern, and sophisticated. We’re committed to evolving and opening the world of TV and will continue to provide South Africans with the devices they deserve to be part of the ever-growing world of entertainment,” says Joubert.

Through ground-breaking innovations like these, the company continues to evolve and reinvent the standard of smart living.


press release submitted by Skyworth

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