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Mother’s Day gifting ideas from Gadget Gal

Mother’s Day gifting ideas from Gadget Gal

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and it slipped your mind! I got you!

My mother-in-law and I differ on gift giving in some respects. She feels that items for the house, like vacuum cleaners, a kettle, irons, etc should not to be bought as presents for women, while my outlook is more practical. Sure, a lavish gift would be nice BUT if I need something for the house and I want it, then please buy it for me as a present. And while an iron is a bit of a meh present, I think back in the day, an iron was a poor excuse as a gift. But if you’re buying me an InstantPot, I’m not turning my nose up at it? However, if it’s for the house, in my mother-in-law’s mind, it’s not for mum, is it?

What do you think? She makes a point, doesn’t she?

Anyway, no irons for mom, this year – here’s a list of some real goodies I’ve tried and tested!

Cricut Joy

If your mom is a crafter or looking for a new hobby, this might be the pressie for her on Mother’s Day. The Cricut Joy is the smallest cutting machine in the range of crafting machines from crafting company, Cricut. The Cricut Joy can draw and write and really is easy to use. With its tiny blade, the Cricut Joy cuts paper and vinyl, but change out the blade for a pen you can create even more fun stuff. Designs are generated and loaded into software on a device and the machine is prompted from there. It’s all a lot of fun!

If you’re in Johannesburg this weekend, Cricut are at Hobby X and they can show you everything they’ve got, (tell them I sent you).

Otherwise, SOME Incredible Connection stores and SOME PNA shops stock Cricut. If you want a list of preferred suppliers of Cricut in South Africa, let me know in the comments, and I’ll get that info to you asap!

Approx price: R2 500

Fitbit Charge 5 or Fitbit Luxe or Fitbit Inspire

I love a Fitbit and I have tried and tested each of the Fitbit’s listed above. If mum’s into fitness or not into fitness, this is still a great little gift for her on Mother’s Day. I’m still trying to convince my mom to wear one but she’s NEVER worn a watch! And yet, she is interested in knowing how many steps she’s done! I guess it’s a battle I’ll never win! But maybe just maybe, your mum will be keen on a Fitbit to keep track of her steps, her sleeping habits, her Spo2 (depending on which watch she gets) etc etc. One of my favourite things about Fitbit is the app. Click through to Premuim (which is paid for) and pop onto the mindfulness sessions. YES! My fave part of the day and hopefully soon, mom’s favourite part too! Approx Price: Fitbit Charge: R3 999 Fitbit Luxe: R2 799 Fitbit Inspire: R1 599 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

I LOVE THIS WATCH! If mom is an Android phone user, particularly a Galaxy model and you’re ready to spoil her a bit, then this is one of the best smartwatches available for Mother’s Day. With a faster operating system and improved health functions, it’s a nice boost over prior models, with activity and sleep tracking being the standouts.

The display is crystal clear and bright. As expected though, there’s a lot going on with this watch so the battery does need charging every night/morning, when you prefer. Approx Price: R4 999

Anything InstantPot

As with those Cricut hobbyists, InstantPots are a cult! They’re a line of electric pressure cookers and multi-cookers manufactured by a company called Instant Pot.  Whether mom likes cooking or she doesn’t, InstantPot’s have a way of changing your life! I have the InstaPot Duo Crisp which is both an InstaPot and an airfryer and, as I said, this thing has changed my life! Everyone raves about each of the InstantPot products and I don’t think you could ever go amiss with any one of them. I have my sights set on the Instant Vortex Air Fryer next. Approx Price: InstantPot: R2799-R6 000 InstantPotDuo: R5 299 Instant Vortex Air Fryer: R2 699

Foreo Luna 3

The Foreo Luna 3 is a great little device to wash your face with and would make a great Mother’s Day Gift. It really feels luxurious on your skin. It combines T-Sonic pulses, firming facial massages, and lengthy and soft touchpoints with preset routines to help customise mum’s facial treatments. It’s also made of ultra-hygienic plush silicone. I still use mine and my skin feels so clean. Approx Pricing: R3 299

Instax Link Wide

Make memories with mum and print them out with this great Mother’ Day gift. The Instax Link Wide printer is a wireless printer that uses IOS or Android to connect to your smartphone or tablet. Click here for the full review.  Approx Price: R2299

Philips Straightening Brush

I purchased this brush and alternate between this and my normal straighteners. What’s great here though, especially for mom on Mother’s Day is that it’s light-weight and easy to use.

The simplicity of literally brushing your hair either over or under, minding the heat, of course, but that really is it!

Philips says that straightening your hair will take only five minutes but I’ve never timed it. I can however tell you it is fast. With this paddle-shaped straightener you get naturally straight-looking hair. Philips have also included ThermoProtect technology for a healthy shine. Approx Pricing: R899

Burt’s Bees

“It’s simple – products that work become classics.” And I have to agree with Burt’s Bees here.

Although not tech, still a product I love to use. The Burt’s Bees Classics Collection products were instant cult favourites when they first launched. Thanks to time-tested natural ingredients like Beeswax, Shea Butter, and botanical oils and extracts, they’ve been classics ever since. Many of the goods in the collection were created in Burt and Roxanne’s kitchen more than 20 years ago, using what would later become iconic Burt’s Bees materials including wax from Burt’s beehives.

These original, basic, effective goods are still popular years later because they are exactly that—simple and effective.

The decadent Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift from about R 200.

Tag me on social media if you do get something great for mom or if you have any suggestions – I’d love to know what mom thinks and what you get up to.








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