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Hazen Audel escapes the Amazon on DStv 181

Hazen Audel escapes the Amazon on DStv 181

National Geographic’s original edge-of-your-seat adventure series, Primal Survivor, returns to channel 181 on DStv (Starsat 220). Fronted by wilderness explorer Hazen Audel, this is an exhilarating new five-part series. Primal Survivor: Escape the Amazon premiers on Wednesdays at 21:00 (CAT) from 4 May.

In the new series, explorer Audel traverses 500 miles of tropical Amazon jungle using only conventional survival skills, all during the most dangerous season of the year, the rainy season.

Continually hampered by rain, flooding and blocked paths, the rainy season also has its rewards, according to Audel.

Audel gets to see some incredible sites, including dense primeval forest, snake-infested savannahs, and tall granite mountains and marshes.

Will he finish his long journey and make it out of the Amazon before the rains make it impossible?

Each episode of Audel’s risky trek is filmed in National Geographic’s signature high-end documentary manner. We see him  valiantly take on the task to escape to the edge of the forest before being caught by the rainy season’s floods.

He prepares poisoned darts and traps monster fish in the dark of night with the help of the forest’s Wai Wai inhabitants. Coming face to face with a range of animals and insects, from a goliath bird-eating tarantula to a big anaconda, Audel constantly makes use of that jungle knowledge of his.

Taking on the soaring Kanuku Mountain forests, Audel hunts for electric eels, climbs a vertical mountain peak, and chops his way through an impenetrable bamboo forest.

With time running out on his expedition, the brave explorer must confront one final challenge: crossing miles of snake-infested mangrove swamp to reach the Atlantic Ocean. Audel learns to live on water with the help of the indigenous Warau people. He braves poisonous bees in a daring night raid before attempting to deliver a coveted catch.

Catch all the action and adventure of Primal Survivor: Escape the Amazon on National Geographic, from Wednesday 4 May 2022 at 21:00 Channel 181 on DStv.

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