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Africarare – a whole new world

Africarare – a whole new world

Introducing Africarare, the first South African Metaverse to launch. Even better, we chatted to the Mann behind it all, Mic Mann (see what I did there – I’m sure I’m not the first). Here’s a link to the shiny new episode of the Bit By Bit podcast.

I’m sure you’ve heard this story before, but I literally fell into the tech industry. I was a sub-editor for a weekly news tech magazine but the more events I attended, more news I got to read, the stories I heard and the more people I got to meet, the more I realised, technology is the place to be. Technology really is always moving forward and like our parents and their parents before them, if I’m not on it, it’s passing me by.

Well, I’ve met my match, the Metaverse… it’s a huge head scratch for me because while I’m both intrigued and confused, I also want to stick my head in the sand and be like “I’m okay over here IRL, especially after being isolated for two years.”

However, no matter my insecurities with the Metaverse and Web3 (let me know if you think I should dive into these topics a bit more for you), it is so good to know that we, as South Africans, are not to be left behind. In fact, as we do with most things, finding solutions to our unique African problems, we are doing our own thing and getting our own Metaverse.

What is Africarare?

This 3D virtual reality immersive experience introduces a brand-new Metaverse marketplace that will highlight the best of African innovation. It will also provide a new platform for African artists.

Ubuntuland in virtual Africa will host the Africarare immersive experience. Land can be bought, traded, kept, or utilised for various activities such as art exhibitions, games, or social experiences in the future.

After purchasing land, one can build their own application on top of it. Users can design their own avatars, which can be swapped for distinctive skins like hats, jackets, and even shoes. A number of Africarare NFT anthologies will also be released.

Queen Boity

Africarare and South African television and music icon Boitumelo Thulo have also announced a collaboration. The rapper, actor, and businesswoman known as Boity has her avatar, Queen Boity, in the marketplace.

Fans will soon be able to join the Boity tribe of 10 000 avatars. You’ll be able to visit a Boity hamlet and attend virtual concerts.

Norman Catherine

Africarare debuted during the SingularityU South Africa Summit 2021, featured the NFT collection by famous artist Norman Catherine. Catherine, a well-known South African artist, created a unique collection of avatars for the Metaverse called the Normunda tribe, which will be available for purchase in Africarare.

Your best bet

Listen to the podcast and find out a few things. It opened my eyes to a whole new world.

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