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Airpop – all masks are not created equal

Airpop – all masks are not created equal

I know, I know the days of masks are nearly over BUT I thought I’d STILL give my friends at AirPop a shoutout… Lest we forget – masks are still compulsory here in South Africa.

Let me play open cards here, Airpop have sent me some masks to try, and I wanted to recommend them to you, my readers.

Meet Airpop

“PPE is made for professionals but we believe professional protection should be available to all consumers, especially you. AirPop bridges the gap in consumer mask options by providing professional-grade performance with consumer level comfort – and innovation is at the heart of everything we do.”

AirPop was born from people needing a daily defence to combat the detrimental effects of air pollution and the threat of dangerous pathogens, even before we were all affected by Covid.

Now with our critical role in limiting the spread of Covid-19 in our communities means selecting an adequate mask that fits and filters well to decrease transmission from airborne particles and droplets that can contain the virus when you breathe in and out.

According to AirPop, their full line of masks is “certified by accredited labs to filter >99% of particles and droplets two-ways – inside and outside. They offer the same, highly-effective two-way barrier as the best medical and industrial-grade masks, but are specifically engineered for you, the consumer, to be comfortable all day, for all faces, in all environments. There’s finally an option that protects the rest of us and doesn’t divert critical N95s from health and emergency front lines.”

AirPop addresses three key issues: fit, filtration, and breathability. The innovative design features a proprietary seal that ensures a snug fit, while the 3D Air Dome allows for cool airflow and prevents a “smothered” feeling. The unique mix of four-layer filter material provides the most effective two-way barrier against particles and droplets.

Back to work accessory

With many of us returning to the daily grind in an office, I think the AirPop Light SE masks gets the thumbs up from me. Independently certified by various international product testing and quality assurance companies, and an American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)-certified Level 2 mask, I thought I’d just let you know about them.

With this kind of peaked design the mask is kept off my face and allows me to breathe more easily. These masks offer a soft, cushioned seal around the nose that absorbs moisture. I’ve heard from others that this design also helps those with glasses with that fogging up problem! The package claims they can be machine washed up to ten times, and I haven’t reached that milestone yet! Should I let you know how it goes?

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