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Metaready with MSI

Metaready with MSI

A few weeks ago, MSI let us see their latest line-up of products, all dubbed metaready. Let’s be honest, Meta and the Metaverse have been buzzwords over the last few months and we’re all gearing up for what awaits us. Yup! There’s no argument, Metaverse is a hot topic and so MSI is getting metaready!

If you know nothing about the metaverse and being metaready, let me try to explain it in simple terms. Imagine experiencing everything virtually. You’ll be at home, but you’ll be able to eat, socialise, run, shop, play games in a completely digital world – you might even be able to interact with your favourite creator or someone famous, maybe have access to Mark Zuckerberg himself! Obviously, this is a simplistic description but in order to live here (there) we need power – lots of it.

In light of this new world we’re all hoping to be a part of and in order to experience the concept of the Metaverse, we are going to need high end devices. This is where MSI comes in.

At my first event of the year, MSI revealed its new and vast line-up of laptops equipped with the latest 12th Gen Intel H series processors.

It’s evident that MSI is determined to be metaready and a part of the Metaverse, envisioning equipping creators and gamers and everyone in between with the right stuff.

The new laptops boast the metaready logo and equipped with Intel Core i7 or above processors as well as NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 or above, for anyone who’d like to experience Metaverse-compatible performance. These metaready machines are, according to MSI, now available in South Africa.


The new gaming laptop line-up, according to MSI, offers considerable performance improvements over previous models, including a 45% increase in CPU performance. The MSI-exclusive cooling, aids in releasing the full potential of the new Intel 12th Gen processors. It offers a solution that is as effective as liquid metal but is safer and more dependable.

MSI’s Creator line now includes panels up to 17 inches. The new Vapor Chamber Cooler improves total CPU performance by 45 percent, and MSI has added content creator-friendly features like touch support for the MSI Pen, the Calman-verified True Pixel display, and a collaboration with DTS for a rich, immersive surround sound experience.

Here’s what was launched:

GS77/66 Stealth

The award-winning Stealth GS series consists of lightweight, powerful laptops for gaming and professional use. The GS77 comes with a new ‘core black’ colour and a more durable zinc alloy hinge. At less than 21 mm for Z height, MSI managed to enlarge the touchpad and keycap size for a precise and comfortable typing experience. It is also equipped with six speakers for crisp treble and powerful bass. Business gamers will benefit from the webcam lock switch and support for up to100W PD charging for better security and mobility.

Raider GE76/66

The MSI Raider GE series is the real eye-catcher, retaining the panoramic aurora lighting, which creates an alluring sci-fi ambience. The performance is even more astonishing – with the innovative thermal design by MSI, the Raider GE series performance can reach up to a total of 220W with GeForce RTX 3080 Ti via MSI OverBoost. The Phase Change Liquid Metal Pad increases performance by an extra 10%, and with displays up to 4K with the support of Discrete Graphic Mode, gamers will have a fast and smooth experience with the MSI Raider Series.

Vector GP76/66

The Vector GP series was born with a new concept; the name ‘Vector’ represents MSI’s expectation for the GP series to have all the power needed to move forward with a satisfying experience in gaming, engineering, or scientific computing. With Cooler Boost 5 technology, the Vector’s performance can reach up to 210W via MSI OverBoost.

Crosshair 15

The Crosshair GL series is a collaboration between MSI and Ubisoft. The series features a futuristic design with exclusive sci-fi elements inspired by the feeling and mood of gameplay, and comes equipped with Intel® CoreTM i9 processors and Cooler Boost 5 technology. The graphic performance is at a maximised level, setting the Crosshair series apart from its competition. The Crosshair GL series comes in three variants: Crosshair 15, Crosshair 17, and also the limited-edition Crosshair 15 Rainbow Six Extraction, which comes with an exclusive bundle pack.

Pulse GL76/66 

The MSI Pulse GL76/66 keeps the design features by Maarten Verhoeven along with the titanium power armour inspired by Pulse energy for the Dragon Army to enhance agility and flexibility. Cooler Boost 5 technology increases airflow by 15%, even with a 33% reduction of wall thickness.

Sword 17/15 and Katana GF76/66

The MSI Sword series boasts a new knight image with magical immortal force – Dragon Power – wielding an enchanted sword of victory. This knight character was created by Justin Goby Fields, a famous concept artist from the United States. Both the Sword and Katana series are set to help gamers succeed with a comfortable key travel at 1.7 mm and Cooler Boost 5.

Creator Z17, Creator Z16P and Creator Z16

The Creator Z17 is the world’s first 17-inch laptop to support pen touch, and features the 16:10 screen ratio with a thin bezel design and True Colour technology to be the perfect companion for creators to achieve more. The Creator Z16P has an extra 20% performance boost with Vapor Chamber Cooler, which generates a 76% extra cooling area and 65% more airflow, and also decreases surface temperature by 2°C (3.6°F). With competitive performance and a CNC-milled aluminium chassis, the Creator Z Series laptops are NVIDIA Studio laptops – purpose-built for creators, inquisitive professionals, or consumers who enjoy high-quality, premium products.

The Creator M16 is a more portable and stylish choice for students or creators with the need for a powerful performance. It features a QHD+ True Pixel display that lays flat at 180° and an ultralight, slim aluminium chassis.

MSI does not just innovate with its hardware, but also with the MSI Centre software, with the intention of creating the smartest laptops ever. MSI Smart Auto will auto switch the suitable modes depending on your usage, while Ambient Silent AI will detect the ambient noise level (dB) to adjust the fan speed, giving you better performance with a relatively silent fan.

MSI’s new Gaming and Content Creation series provides persistently powerful performance, innovative thermal solutions, and a bevy of new features, with MSI’s signature aesthetic touch.


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*This content was sponsored by MSI.

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