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Marry Me – say yes!

Marry Me – say yes!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day or the weekend just before Valentine’s Day, in a year where everyone wants to forget about masks and lockdowns and working from home, comes Marry Me, a love story about throwing caution to the wind and changing things up.

Marry Me is a true love story, an ode to the good ol’ Rom Com from the 90s or to my horror, as they like to say on Tik Tok: the nineteen hundreds. Back then, we knew what we were in for with a romantic comedy and this is one of those. Marry Me is a good Romantic Comedy that’s leaves you with all the feels.

Don’t get me wrong – real life crime documentaries have been my lockdown staple but what’s great about Marry Me is that for the hour and a half-ish that you’re immersed in this New York love story, you might leave this devastating world behind and actually believe in magic and fairy-tale endings again.

This lucky gal joined an exclusive preview of the movie this week and I enjoyed escaping the world for a bit of a love story! (and the clothes, of course – but we know I’m obsessed with wardrobe!)

The film tells the story of Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) and Charlie Gilbert, a single father and middle school math teacher (Owen Wilson).

In a very public ceremony to release a new song, Marry Me, Kat is about to marry her superstar fiancé and just as they’re about to go on stage, Kat finds out he’s been cheating with an assistant! She bares her soul on stage, throws caution to the wind and says “yes” to Charlie who is holding up a “Marry Me” sign in the crowd.

Sidenote: In an effort to look cool in his daughter’s eyes Charlie agrees to go to this concert and in the middle of it all ends up holding a sign – he’s a maths teacher and really is there to gain favour with his daughter…

Charlie is pulled up on stage and they “get married”.

Over the next few months we join them as they develop a great friendship and love affair, but of course not without its hiccups. I won’t ruin it all and tell you what happens in the end but there’s math clubs and exes and dance scenes and so much to fit in. Let me just say I spent the entire time with a cheesy grin spread across my face, catching myself out and pulling myself back down to earth. But that’s not the point, is it? You’re supposed to escape and believe this love story – I definitely think Marry Me is well worth buying a ticket to enjoy some light-hearted fun!

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