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Foreo Luna 3 – keeping it clean

Foreo Luna 3 – keeping it clean

The Foreo Luna 3 was delivered to me, beautifully packaged, before the holidays, to try out, but I’ll be honest, I only opened it in January. Now I wish I’d opened it sooner.

Let me speak frankly here – if you reach my age and you don’t know how to wash your face then, as we South Africans like to say, “shame”. You should, as an adult be able to wash your face. But once you get a Foreo Luna 3 you’ll have to control those urges to NOT wash your face too much.

Like many of us out there, I want to keep my skin clean, and healthy and fresh and as youthful-looking as possible. I eat healthily, I exercise and I drink plenty of water but it’s been a stressful couple of months/years and I’ll be honest, my skin looked grey and tired and felt a little like crocodile skin.

My usual serums were fine but stress was just messing with me and my skin was suffering – I just never felt clean enough. I was having a big problem with moisturiser and foundation peeling off once I’d put it on and no amount of buffing or scrubbing before application etc was helping me.

Foreo was something I wanted to try and this was my mission: let’s see what this gimmick has in store for us, and I’ll be honest in the few weeks I’ve been using it, I have not looked back. It’s even got me making a point of washing my face at night, which I have been known to be too tired to do.

Like I said above, similarly to when I got my Philips Sonic toothbrush – I now have to be careful, not to overdo it.

My Foreo Luna 3 seems to have brought about that right kind of clean and my skin feels amazing. It absorbs the serums and moisturiser just like it used to.

Yay! There’s an app!

There’s an app and I loved that!

There is no need to read a longwinded instruction manual. How fab! A quick scan of the QR code on the product packaging, download the Foreo for You app, fill out some information and you’re set! It really took me no time at all to set things up!

Simple enough to use, I was ready to go with just a few clicks. I appreciate how fool proof the entire setup was.

After downloading the app you’re asked which Foreo you own and then via Bluetooth your app and your Foreo are linked for customisable cleansing and targeted massage on different parts of your face and neck. From there on out you’re on your way. “How To Use,” “Device Care,” “Treatments,” “Settings,” “Cleansing,” and “Massage” are all covered on separate tabs. There’s even a “Find my Device” function to help… you guessed it… find your device.

My Foreo Luna 3 has tiny hygienic silicone cleansing brushes but turn it over and you can make use of the back of the Foreo Luna 3 for massage. In conjunction with the designated app, the Luna 3 allows you to tailor your routine to your skin’s specific demands – simply select the intensities on the app and it will sync instantly.

By clicking the small picture of the Foreo Luna 3 at the top of the app’s home screen brings up a menu of options. I opted to ‘Start Cleansing’ and a picture came up of a face with a timer telling me where to use my Luna. As per instruction I had already put cleanser on my face, I hit start and for a few seconds my Luna 3 would vibrate, instructing me to go over a certain area of my face. I would then be prompted to move onto the next spot as per the image on my phone – until I was done and that’s been my routine, morning and night, lately. I’ll be honest, I never want to be done! I want more but my skin feels clean.
Simply put, the app gives you all your instructions and I found it super easy to follow.

To Gua Sha

As I mentioned, there are other options for massage to try out, reminds me of those very important Gua Sha moves we’re all supposed to be doing. But if my Foreo Luna 3 can get it done for me then of course I’m trying them all…

No app – no problem

Another thing to note – If you don’t have your phone on you, you can use the Foreo Luna 3 without the app. Just push the button at the back, the power button, and it springs into vibrate action, which I find “handy”. Then it’s just about moving the Foreo Luna 3 in circular motions around your face.

The motions are divided into four sections: the forehead, left and right cheeks, and the chin. When it’s time to move on to another part of your face, the device will prompt you by pausing for just a sec…

The Foreo Luna 3’s vibrating motion on your face makes it feel like you’re giving your skin a thorough cleaning. Simply apply your regular cleanser to a moistened face, turn on the device, and gently massage as per instruction. Then rinse your face, pat it dry, and go back to your regular progamming, whatever that might be, toner serum, moisturiser, eye cream and sunscreen or not.

My take

Gimmicky or not this baby cleans and I haven’t felt cleaner skin in ages. I absolutely love washing my face with this gadget and the app makes the Foreo Luna 3 that little bit more special to me!

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