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Instax Link Wide hits SA shores next week

Instax Link Wide hits SA shores next week

I’m so excited to get to tell you about another new Instax product about to hit the South African market – the Instax Link Wide smartphone printer.

Fujifilm South Africa this week confirmed that this new printer will be launched locally next week. Guess what we’re all going to be doing with our next pay cheques or putting on our Christmas lists.

As you know I’m a fan of anything Instax and I can’t wait to get my hands on this printer ti review… But here’s what Fujifilm have told me so far.

With the Link Wide printer, users can print images from their smartphone on Instax Wide format film, which is twice the size of the regular Instax Mini prints.

So this time round you’re using the wide film and this is the first Instax smartphone printer for wide film.

With the popularity of the Instax Mini Link (Mini film) and the Instax Share SP-3 (Square film) printer, I’m not surprised the wide got its own printer too…

Just like the other printers, the Instax Link Wide connects to smartphones through a dedicated app via Bluetooth. Excitingly, the app offers a variety of functionality to take advantage of the larger print size. It’s also worth a mention that this app is also specifically designed for the Instax Link Wide.

According to Fujifilm, the new printer will “also be the first to feature an Instax-Rich mode for enhanced colour saturation. Users are now able to select between this mode or the Instax-Natural mode for Instax’s signature soft tone.”

Instax Link WideIt’s stylish too

In the looks department, the Instax Link Wide seems to be lifted from the pages of a design magazine. It features a unique draping design with stylised metallic elements on the front and top. The printer comes with a matching stand, allowing you to securely place it up as part of the room’s décor or for simple operation.

Even though the Instax Link Wide is of the larger wide-format film, Fujifilm assures me that this printer is still compact and lightweight (340g). It also comes with a hand-strap so you can carry it around anywhere.

Because it’s powered by a built-in battery, you can take this smartphone printer with you anywhere. The Link Wide can also be charged using a USB connection.

Of course you want to know what colours we’re getting… Ash White and the luxurious Mocha Gray are coming to South Africa.

The wide print

Since the advent of the Instax Wide 100 camera in 1999, the larger Instax Wide print has been offered. The Wide prints are double the size of the Instax Mini prints, measuring 86mm x 108mm (86mm x 54mm). As a result, the Wide format is ideal for group images, landscape photography, and wide-angle shots that require a bigger print surface.

Aside from the standard Wide white border film, Fujifilm is also introducing a new black Wide-format film, which uses a dark border to better enhance each shot.

The app

It’s like they’ve combines all the best features form all the other apps into one really…

The smartphone app was specifically created by Fujifilm to make printing as simple and feature-rich as possible. By sliding up from the bottom edge of the smartphone screen once connected, users can rapidly transmit an image to the Link Wide. You can also choose a favourite moment from a recorded movie by scrolling through the video frames and selecting one to print. 

Users can use the app to add a voice note, website link, location data, or secret text to printed photographs. This is done through the use of a QR code, printed alongside the photo. You then access info by scanning the QR code with your smartphone. This QR code functionality can be used in a variety of ways: a wedding invitation for instance. The possibilities seem endless. (See the QR functionality in action in this video.)

There are also 29 design templates in all, including designs suitable for special occasions such as birthdays and festivals. The templates’ colours and fonts can be customised to make a beautiful greeting card on the fly. You can also use the app’s 100 design stickers or the emojis that come with their smartphone’s operating system to embellish photographs. 

The Instax Link Wide app will be available for Apple and Android devices in their respective app stores.

Availability and pricing

In short, the printer will be available in, as mentioned, Ash White and Mocha Grey, in South Africa on October 22, 2021. It has a suggested retail price of R2 499 (incl. VAT).

Instax Wide White border film will be sold in packs of ten, retailing for a recommended R195 incl. VAT per pack, and the Black border film for R210 incl. VAT per pack.

I can’t wait to get my grubby paws on this one – how about you?

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