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CLCKR – super handy to have

CLCKR – super handy to have

I have a Samsung Note 20 Ultra as my day to day phone and I love the fact that my screen and display are massive… but one of the downsides of having a huge phone is hanging on to it all the time. With hands like mine, it’s mostly a two handed job.

But it seems phones are going this way and even though mine is one of the bigger ones – size counts, phones are not the minnie little accessories we used to carry around. Even if a phone is thin nowadays, screens of 5.7 inches can be difficult to hold and even operate with one hand.

This is a fantastic opportunity for companies like Popsockets, which make their money by designing devices expressly for one-handed use. They’re not alone in the market, and an increasing number of competitors are vying for your attention and money.

I have not been one of the Popsocket accessory kinda gals that wanted to stick a button to the back of my phone just so I could hold it properly. I don’t know why I find them so unappealing, I just do. I like my tech to be sleek, minimal and without any frills…


So when CLCKR approached me to try out their product, I felt compelled and guess who’s onboard… me!

CLCKR in the simplest of terms makes a grip and a stand in one, has kindly gave me one to try and I don’t know what I did without it before. The CLCKR is more of a wafer-like rectangular shape than Popsocket, which is a circular unit that is placed on the rear of your phone.

All you do is place one on the back of your device and leave it alone; it takes up very little space and really only slightly thickens the overall experience.

When you pull the strap out, you’ll have enough room to insert two or three fingers. With one hand, you can easily take selfies or play games.

You can then click the strap into a different position, which gives you a stand-like foundation that allows you to place your phone on the table for video conferencing. When you turn it on its side, you’ll have a place to rest your phone while watching full-screen videos.


The CLCKR is quite simple to install: just stick it to the back of your phone, at the bottom. You can gently place it a couple of times to find the appropriate fit before firmly pushing it into place, as it is designed for one-time use.

According to the manufacturer’s website reusing your CLICKR depends…

This all depends on how old the CLCKR is. We suggest removing the CLCKR from the case or device you no longer want to use it on. Wet the back of the CLCKR with clean water, do NOT dry as you don’t want fibers to stick to the glue, leave to air dry this will reactivate the adhesive. Then stick to the new case/ device as you desire. Please note, this does not apply to Silicone/ Fabric cases or the iPhone 11 Pro/ iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Wireless charging

The CLCKR supports wireless charging, and if it’s not working for you then speak to the manufacturer. You have to make sure you’re using a high-quality charger and the phone is placed in the correct position. If using the Universal on a phone case, the thickness of the phone case can determine if the wireless charging will work or not due to the distance from the charger.

My verdict

As I said before I didn’t know I needed it… I seem to be using it all the time. I’ve seen reviews where people complain about the thickness and yes, you’ll know it’s there but it’s much better than those bulky Popsocket things everyone’s obsessed with! I opted to stick mine to my phone case but you can stick it straight to the back of your phone. I had a quick look and there isn’t a huge colour selection yet, but I think that’s coming.

My husband wants one too but “not in pink!” and he is never an easy customer. We both feel it’s handy and with both of us using our phones on site etc all the time, the likelihood of dropping the phone is lessened.

Also worth mentioning

If you have an iPhone they make a clear case specifically for you with the CLCKR attached which I think is an amazing idea.


You’re paying around R250 for this little thing and about R499 for the case for iPhone. Not bad, me thinks.


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