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Sodastream – aim to live your #bestlife!

Sodastream – aim to live your #bestlife!

I’ve worked with Sodastream briefly before and hugely admire their stance on saving the planet. But with South Africa still living in lockdown and unable to purchase and therefore partake in a little aperitif, it seemed the right time to maybe consider that we could a substitute mocktail or two are just as delicious.

A quick catch up with Sodastream Marketing Manager Thembakazi Ndamase sets me on the right track to get back to being “bubbly”.

“Stay at home, only go outside the door if absolutely necessary, work in the home office, as few points of contact as possible, even with everyday things…’ That is all we seem to hear these days,” says Ndamase.

“Very few people have probably ever spent as much time in their own four walls as they currently do. This makes it more important that the supply of water and drinks at home is flowing. Not the drinks you are thinking! With SodaStream, all this is no problem: it’s the clever beverage system provides support for almost all the challenges of everyday drinking (water) at home.”

Always fresh from the tap and to your own taste

Anyone who has a SodaStream water maker at home is almost completely self-sufficient and can enjoy fresh water on tap – fresh and bubbly at any time. Simply pour ice-cold water into the SodaStream bottle and use the water sparkler to bubble up to your own taste – with a machine you can dose the perfect bubbles to suit your individual taste!

No unnecessary shopping or single plastic waste 

Even for an unplanned long period of time at home, you will never have any problems with a SodaStream because with the CO2 cylinder FILLS up to 60 liters fresh sparkling water at the touch of a button. This also eliminates the need for frequent shopping in supermarkets or beverage stores.


Now no-one wants to talk about money but during this time rands and cents need to count: Sodastream 1liter of sparkling water made at home only costs equivalent to R3.33, yes very affordable. 

Good for me, good for the environment

As comfortable as life is with the self-effervescence of water, it is also good for the environment. Because just one sparkling water saves thousands of disposable bottles that pollute our oceans and thus harm humans and animals. So, a person who has a Sodastream machine in South Africa eliminate 512 plastic bottles a year from the environment. We don’t even want to go into the household, it more of course. In this way, Sodastream contribute to a better, more sustainable world and better planet.

Want to be healthier, we got you

Drinking water is hard for some but for Sodastreamers its been proven to increase water intake by 43%. So Sodastream also helps to do something “good for yourself”. After all, everyone should drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day to meet their body’s needs. Drinking enough water every day keeps the metabolism going, cares for body and soul and thus positively supports your own health.

Those who want a little more variety can spice up their bubbly tap water with fresh fruit or one of over 13 SodaStream syrups. The syrup range extends from fruity strawberry through soft drinks such as cola or cream soda drinks, to zero sugar flavours such as grapefruit and lime. So, the SodaStream range has the right syrup for every taste. Most importantly the sugar content on the fruity and classic flavours is only 1/3 of the sugar you would find in regular store-bought drinks – tick on health and options for the kids and yourself.   

Some fun and recipe tips

Lastly, to have more fun or if you are looking for new inspiration, you can visit SodaStream’s own website and check out some recipes, from each mocktail to cocktails, variety is guaranteed.

More fun loading…

Sodastream has just launched the new limited edition ICY BLUE SPIRIT, which is exclusively available on

Features of the machine:

  • Silent carbonation
  • Snap lock button
  • Metal finishing’s

New package contains:

  • ICY BLUE Sparkling Water Maker
  • 1 x 1L BPA free reusable Carbonating Bottle
  • 1 model 60 cylinder (makes between 45 -60 L of sparkling water


R1 149

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