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Father’s Day: what to get for SuperDad?

Father’s Day: what to get for SuperDad?

We know it’s tough to shop for the man in your life who basically has everything. How can we demonstrate our appreciation for dad on actual Father’s Day when he just gets what he needs for himself? We get him what he doesn’t know he needs, but will not be able to live without once he has it.

So that being said, with Father’s Day here in a couple of days, highlighted by a few panicked posts floating around Facebook, I thought it appropriate to put a list of possible Father’s Day gifts together – just to make things a little easier.

Philips OneBlade

The Philips OneBlade is a beard trimmer that according to Philips “is the first blade designed for the way guys look today” and is the ideal tool for trimming, edging, and shaving any length of facial hair. My husband swears by his Philips OneBlade and hasn’t had a wet shave since he got his – that’s how close it shaves. Starting at R499 – here’s the link to but you can get them at Clicks, Checkers, Pick ‘n Pay and DisChem.

Huawei GT2 Watch

Huawei’s Watch GT 2 is a beauty, I can’t fault that. It’s definitely got a sophisticated look about it. With a giant bright screen this smartwatch is a fancy fitness tracker as well. I have it on good authority that most of my male tech journalist counterparts wear one, so that to me is sign that it’s a purchase to be made… IF you are willing to part with that kind of money on Father’s Day. The actual Huawei store is having a sale at the moment, so you could pick up this watch for R3 699 instead of R4 999.

Huawei Freebuds or FreeLaces

While you’re there, you could pop a pair of Bluetooth earphones in your shopping cart. The FreeLaces are about R799 (were R1 699) which is a pretty great deal for fast charging, long-lasting earphones. I have a pair and I’ve found them comfortable and the sound great. You could also spend a bit more and get the FreeBuds 3. They are ZAR1,999 (from: R2 999).

Samsung Buds

As we know Samsung also have some great Buds available and I see have them on sale too. So if dad’s a Samsung loyalist then these are the ones to go for.


So the man has everything? But have you met my new friend the Rocketbook. I’ll be putting a review up of this but here’s the gist. It’s a reusable notebook with only a few pages and it makes use of an app to store your notes. It works both on Android and iOS and once you’ve taken your notes, you can snap a pic and send it to the cloud storage of your choice. It’s literally the classic pen and paper experience, built for the digital age. Prices vary depending but check it all out: here’s the link.

Google Home Mini

If dad hasn’t joined the world of smart speakers, this will be the gadget that will pique his interest. Powered by Google Assistant, he’ll get handsfree help in any room. He’ll just have to ask it questions or tell it to do things – it’s literally a personal assistant and he’ll get personalised answers through voice recognition. He can ask about the weather, the news, sport, his schedule, music and movies, I mean the options are endless. And because we know dad doesn’t get to boss many people around at home, the Google Mini Home will fulfil that need too. Check it out here.


If dad is in the market for a new phone, may I suggest you check out a brand called Crosscall. These phones are rugged and they mean business. Crosscall phones are everything a man would want in a phone: waterproof, durable with impressive technology. These phones are perfect for professionals in the field and athletes out and about.

Here is some of what they’ve got.

If you’re still not sold on this manly device then let me just say, the High Mountain Military Group (GMHM), a real laboratory of the extreme for the French Army, are behind this brand and use it on their expeditions…

Also, rumour has it, they’re bringing a rugged tablet to South Africa too…

Logitech Pebble

A mouse? you squeal! Yes, a mouse. Actually this modern and silent Logitech Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse is portable and goes wherever life takes you. It has a smooth, organic shape that feels great in your hand and is compact enough to fit easily in your pocket or bag. I bet dad would really be pleased with it. Here’s more info.

Instax Printer

If you’re looking to make lots of memories with dad, I’d definitely recommend something from the FujiFilm Instax range. If you’re not looking for the camera/instant print option, the printers themselves are a great choice – he (you) can print his favourite pics straight from his phone and frame them or collage them, there are plenty of options once a pic is printed. I’ve seen the old film cartridges converted into little frames, if you’re feeling crafty. There’s the newly released Instax Mini Link (R1999) or the FujiFilm Instax SP2 (R2699).


You can’t go wrong with Lego, can you?

There’s a huge range of Lego sets suitable for dad – he could build a motorbike, a car, a scene from one of his favourite series (Stranger Things or Friends), the lists are endless, maybe he’d let the family help – I said maybe!


Although Lego offer this product as well, the South African site has so many more options available, so you can basically build dad as a little yellow (Lego-looking) man. Pick out his defining features, like a beard or a hat and an outfit and they’ll delivery to your door. Check it out here.

Funbox by Gadget Gal

I’ve recently started a little project, an activity box. In this month’s Father’s Day option, you can make a few things for dad for his special day. R100 gets you the templates to make dad a card, a SuperDad chocolate, a first place dad ribbon, a little desktop stand/frame and a colouring-in page, all to get ready for dad on Father’s Day. Have a look at our Facebook page here or get in touch on







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