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Pump it up with the HP Neverstop laser printer

Pump it up with the HP Neverstop laser printer

A printer is a printer is a printer, right? Maybe, but the HP Neverstop Laser printer is definitely something a little different. Not only does this printer offer high-quality and fast monochrome A4 laser printing BUT it’s re-looked and then re-designed how we re-fill our laser printers.

The pump

No really it is. Instead of hassling to open the printer and refit it with a new cartridge at a strange angle when the ink is low, you shake the pumps, line up the printer and the pump, lock the pump into place and simply pump the new toner into the printer.

The replacement toner comes in a pump that lines up to the opening for the toner, then you press down the plunger and the toner is pumped into the printer… Imagine making plunger coffee – it’s kind of the same thing.

The whole thing takes no time at all, 15 seconds, according to HP. Here’s a visual aid.

The small break in your day to “pump” is the reason HP has named this printer the Neverstop – because there really should be no reason for it to stop printing – I mean, that is a tiny interruption to the printer’s overall availability.


So in addition to the new way to replace toner, this laser printer promises up to 5000 printouts. I didn’t print 5000 copies in the time I had the review unit, so we will have to take HP’s word for it.

HP Smart App


My favourite part about the printer however HAS to be the app because you can print and scan straight from your device and that’s always so handy.

Print, scan, and share anytime, anywhere! The HP Smart App makes setup, printing, and scanning very easy! You can actually set up and manage your HP printer directly from the app, you can view printer status and send prints on the go, and you can print, copy, scan, and share files directly from your mobile device.

You can also edit and enhance your photos with filters, crop, add text, and adjustments like saturation, contrast, brightness on the app and use your mobile device’s camera to create high-quality scans, then preview/edit/save them as PDFs and JPEGs and store in your favourite cloud storage account.

Obviously you have to have some internet or cellular service to make use of the HP Smart functionality…

HP’s Smart App has been said to have world-class document management security and this ensures that only authorised parties can get their paws on sensitive print jobs. Printing from your phone via the app is also fast enough at 20 ppm.


The HP Neverstop comes in two variations – the HP Neverstop Laser 1200w 3-in-1 Mono Laser Printer (R 5 499 on Takealot) and the HP Neverstop Laser 1000w Mono Laser Printer (R 4 000 on the HP Shop). The pump/ cartridge will set you back about R200 to R400 depending on what you need.

And so….

I haven’t had a printer in my home office for a very long time and you really forget how convenient it is to have one around… The only downside for me with this specific printer is that the HP Neverstop Laser Printer doesn’t print in colour…



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