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Epic ERP and Ability support local demand

Epic ERP and Ability support local demand

Epic ERP has appointed Ability Solutions as its latest southern African partner to resell the Epicor range of enterprise resource planning (ERP) business solutions.

According to Epic ERP MD, Stuart Scanlon, Ability Solutions’ culture of strong delivery and high quality solutions made the company the ideal choice from a partner perspective.

“Ability has built an impeccable reputation in the market for being customer-centric and is committed to delivering a high standard when it comes to implementation,” he says. “It has a very strong vision for growing the local market which aligns with how we see the role of ERP solutions in southern Africa evolving. Although we have to be selective in choosing Epicor partners, Ability’s solid delivery mechanisms and the way it looks after customers positively differentiated the company. Given Ability’s strong service ethic, we are confident that both implementation and support will be of a consistently high standard.”

To become a partner, companies must have a good track record in terms of implementations, understand the business requirements of its customers, and have local knowledge of the market. In addition, they need vertical and technological expertise.

“Finding organisations that are not only customer-centric, but also understand the complexities of implementing ERP to sustain long-term relationships with organisations across industry sectors can prove to be difficult to find,” says Scanlon.

Ability Solutions, he adds, has an enviable reputation for delivering innovative solutions to its customers, some of whom have been with the business for decades. “We could not be more excited about having them as our partner. Being an Epicor partner is not about box-dropping but is rather about building lasting relationships with customers. This is exactly what Ability delivers.”

David Greenleaf, commercial director at Ability Solutions, says the company was looking at diversifying its portfolio as it started expanding into different industry segments. “Of all the international offerings we investigated, Epicor delivered the best value from an ERP perspective. Another advantage is the fact that the epic ERP has a similar culture and a value system to ours making it a natural fit.”

Ability Solutions is particularly excited about the new market opportunities the partnership will unlock, reveals Greenleaf, adding that it will allow the business to grow into new segments while still delivering exceptional service to its existing customer base.

Founded in 1978, Ability Solutions has customers across the supply chain management, distribution, and financial services industries as well as parastatals. It offers a range of solutions encompassing business intelligence, business process management, demand planning, analytics and collaboration.

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