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Get the drop on Crosscall

Get the drop on Crosscall

Ever heard of Crosscall? Me neither… until now. Soon this brand will be a household name…

So in a couple of weeks’ time, I’ll be taking a closer look at one of the Crosscall offerings available in South Africa and I cannot wait, but for now – here’s what I learnt today at their launch event…

Crosscall is a phone manufacturer that specialises in outdoor mobile technology and it’s finally making moves on the South African mobile market.

Globally the brand has pulled no punches and has seen profits rise from €51.2 million (R812 million) to €71.6 million (R1.1 billion). This 40% rise in earnings within the space of a year proves Crosscall’s ability to disrupt the international telecommunications markets.

“Our excellent sales performance confirms our commitment to offering unique products that are durable and reliable,” says Cyril Vidal, founder and president of Crosscall. “New continents are growth and profit drivers for Crosscall and we have created a segment that is proving to be increasingly dynamic because it corresponds with consumer and business design usage.”

Julien Fouriot, sales director for Africa, mirrors this sentiment, “Crosscall has taken steps to ensure its success in each market they enter. Aside from above-board products that are rigorously tested before hitting the shelves, Crosscall focuses on the B2B market actively seeking out organisations that need tougher cell phones. Some of these industries include farming, security, mining and civil engineering to name but a few.”

It seems being the second-largest market in Africa, South Africa provides Crosscall with an excellent launch platform. We have the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) which regulates the market and we also have stable mobile telecommunications operators. Also our mature mobile market is driven by technology with increasing 4G and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities – this, according to Crosscall, provides a steady market for the company to enable its business development goals in Africa, which also include Tunisia at the moment.

Aside from a wide variety of accessories, Crosscall mobile devices available locally. Depending on which phone you choose, the price points fall between R5 000 to R15 000:

SHARK – X3 – perfect for any water-sports enthusiast, this device is not only waterproof it also floats

TREKKER – M1 CORE – this device can be considered nature proof and is ideal for any outdoor enthusiast who still needs the functionality of a mobile phone. It boasts a wide angle and action camera

ACTION – X3 – suited to an outdoor lifestyle, this device features a longer battery life and can be recharged and transfer data all at the same time because of the magnetic X-LINK technology

CORE – X3 – is our fully waterproof device that’s exceptionally tough, it makes the Crosscall performance and reliability accessible to everyone. The X-Link connector multiplies its capabilities and connects you to all the accessories.

TREKKER – X4 – Crosscall’s flagship device is suitable for the extreme outdoor enthusiast. The device features a unique action camera that allows you to share quality footage live to all your preferred online multimedia platforms

“South Africa is a well-known destination for outdoor and sporting enthusiasts from the Cape Argus to the Comrades Marathon. It also is a country full of B2B businesses that need robust devices and Crosscall wants to provide mobiles that fit seamlessly into both the professional and outdoor enthusiast’s lifestyle,” Fouriot concludes.

About Crosscall

The French company, Crosscall, creates mobiles for the outdoor enthusiast and the professional. Our devices are tough and have a long battery life. The brand is driven by a passionate team which designs models that are ideally suited to hostile and unpredictable environments. Crosscall also features a successful line of accessories. With over 2 million units sold, Crosscall is known for brand quality.




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