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Here’s to the gamers that play with Finesse – a Q&A

Here’s to the gamers that play with Finesse – a Q&A

I have to be honest – I am NOT a gamer.

I’d like to be, but after my last disastrous public display of incompetence with controls, I think it might be safer for all if I stepped away, admitted defeat and let the professionals, semi-professionals, and I guess, anyone but me take up the sport.

In light of my spectacular performance, perhaps I should stick to interviews, and interviewing gamers, is about as close as I’ll get to the sport.

Bravado Gaming serves as home to some of the best local and international gamers, while, at the same time, building a lifestyle gaming brand. Their mission: to help the evolution of e-sports worldwide by raising the level of competition, increasing public involvement and developing corporate opportunities.

I managed to catch up with their women’s team, Bravado Finesse, to get some insight on all things gaming.

How long have you been a gamer?

I have been playing for five years now, competitively I have been playing for two years in total.

– Christin ‘2SSB’ Meistre

How did you get into gaming?

My story is pretty unique from those I’ve heard from my fellow teammates. I was blessed with really good athletic abilities and had the full nine yards, including scholarships and multiple provincial colours in nearly every sporting code that I played.

Sadly due to a very bad knee injury I was informed that I would have to make the choice between constant sports, or a knee replacement by 25.

Naturally I looked for an outlet for my competitiveness. I found myself sitting behind my brother while he was playing on his computer, and when he got up to get coffee, I took over for a bit. I have been hooked ever since. I was given his spare parts and finally put my own little computer together and I started playing online straight away.

– Christin ‘2SSB’ Meistre

Do your loved ones understand what you do? Are they supportive?

Although my loved ones are not 100% sure of the entire mechanics and the ins and outs of the game, they are extremely supportive of my venture, as they are able to witness how passionate I truly am. My dad will even sit behind me every night and watch me play, often asking me questions about the game, even playing the game to understand what I do more and more.

 – Christin ‘2SSB’ Meistre

How long have you been a member of Bravado Finesse?

I joined Bravado in April, so for eight months.

– Rachel ‘Raychill’ Van Dyk

Do you only play on a team?

I don’t normally solo search, I’d play with the team or with my friends from school.

 – Rachel ‘Raychill’ Van Dyk

Are there stereotypes in gaming?

Yes, there are lots of stereotypes. Some include girls that game are lazy, fat, ugly and bad at the game. If they aren’t any of this then she is either a catfish or she has been ‘boosted’ or uses her looks to get what she needs. Don’t be discouraged though, there are many guys that strive for high ideals and do treat girl gamers as equals.

– Jana ‘SaltyMonkey’ du Toit

What’s it like being a woman in a man’s world?

It’s demanding at times. It is also very rewarding, especially when you find certain organisations and sponsors, like Dell and Bravado, that believe in your vision and guide and support you.

– Jana ‘SaltyMonkey’ du Toit

What’s the worst thing about being a girl gamer/ gamer in general?

The stereotypes and having people say that you get special treatment because you are a girl when you’ve worked very hard.

– Jana ‘SaltyMonkey’ du Toit

What’s the best thing about being a girl gamer/ gamer in general?

The scene in South Africa is still very new and fresh, so the opportunity for growth is immense. We’ve been able to build a community that is up and coming and improving. It’s very exciting.

– Jana ‘SaltyMonkey’ du Toit

How did you get to be on this team?

I was approached to sub for eNergy finesse in the beginning of 2017. I then joined the team and have been with them since.

– Rachel ‘Raychill’ Van Dyk

Should we be defining women/ girl gamers? Should they carry this label? Aren’t they just gamers?

Personally, I feel like women should be equal to male gamers, girl gamers shouldn’t be labelled as girl gamers but rather as gamers. Since about 2010, females have been found to make up about half of all gamers, and yet they are discriminated against. The term “girl gamer” has been used as a re-appropriated term for female players to describe themselves, but it has also been criticised as counterproductive or offensive. Let’s treat both genders with the same respect they deserve.

– Renthea ‘Rench’ Boshoff

Where would you like to see your career going, as a gamer? What are your hopes and dreams?

I would like to see my career as a gamer go very far, like I know it can. I am very passionate about gaming and hope to one day make this a full-time career. My hopes and dreams are to one day become internationally recognised, to play on the main stage of a big tournament and for our team to be named one of the best female teams in the world. We have seen an increase in female teams in the past year locally and I hope it continues to grow. I also hope the number of tournaments for female gamers increase and I hope we can all step up to promote female gaming across the world to let girls know it’s okay to be a gamer.

Kahyla ‘KayC’ Calder

What do you envision for the future of girl gaming/ gaming?

I would like for girl gaming to become the norm and not the exception. For girls to play the guys, and with the guys, and just be seen as players and not have anything be gender specific. Gaming is one of the few platforms where we can compete regardless of gender and with some awareness, one day we will reach it. For the time being, the support that female gaming is getting is enabling us to reach for our dreams and is improving in leaps and bounds in order for us to one day compete with, and against the boys.

Jana ‘SaltyMonkey’ du Toit

If you could tell your younger self something – what would it be?

I would tell my younger self life is good. Not always, but mostly. And when it is not so good, be assured it will get better. It may not be easy to stand up and speak out for what’s important to you, but you will be amazed how empowering, and important, it can be. You are not the only person in the world who feels this way, whatever “this way” is that you’re feeling. You are on a journey, which means things will change. Even important things will change, sometimes shockingly. But it is a nevertheless a good journey, and it’s worth every step.

– Renthea ‘Rench’ Boshoff


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