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Mini-Me – now you can play with yourself

Mini-Me – now you can play with yourself

No really you can… or you can play with someone else… or they can play with themselves… WAIT! Let me explain…

In case you missed my Instagram story a while back, I was gifted a little something from – a tiny, yellow, Lego-like version of myself.

Oh my word, I didn’t think I could get any cuter (whispers: I’m kidding/ not really) but there she was, Gadget Gal in miniature, plastic version. Thanks Mini-Me.

The company, run by Cape Town-based graphic designer and now self-proclaimed Mini-Me mogul, Kevin Waters, started out as an inkling in mid 2016 but Waters followed his gut and launched soon after in late 2016.

“The concept and inspiration came from combining my love of graphic design and the Lego mini figures as well as seeing an opening for unique and personalised gifts,” explains Waters.

This one-man-show started as a side project but Waters has now had the opportunity to take it on full-time.


“The ‘bits’ are imported from all over the world – USA, UK, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, China, Hong-Kong etc,” explains Waters. “With such a large and diverse selection of rare items in our online inventory this is the only way to do it.”

The mature adults that we are, will doubtfully sit on the floors of our bedrooms (mostly because it takes some time to get back up) and relive our childhoods building sets… unless you’re a parent or into that kind of thing (we won’t judge). But is the possibility of a cute little Lego version of yourself not just the best?

On the Mini-Me site, you can browse thousands of categorised items and similarly to any other online shop, simply add them to your cart. The suggestion from Mini-me is to start from the head and build yourself down to the toes, using your cart as a visual builder for your Mini-Me. It works!

Once you’ve constructed yourself, customise your stand or go basic and simple with a no text option stand.

Although I am now raving about this yellow phenomenon, there were some complications which led to massive frustration. At times I was ordered to step away from the laptop to take a break. BUT ONLY because it took me a while to decide what I really liked – the options are vast and feel almost infinite. There is so much to pick from and you could drive yourself dilly with choice… BUT I soldiered on and here she is, what a beaut!

Just to mention Mother’s Day is on the 13th of May! Wink-wink nudge-nudge!

Use the discount code Gadget for 15% off.

Aaaaaaaand GO!



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