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Samsung Galaxy S9 – more like the Samsung Galaxy “ess ja”

Samsung Galaxy S9 – more like the Samsung Galaxy “ess ja”

So I might be late to the party but I refuse to join the Samsung Galaxy S9 race. I will take my time with this dame, so stay tuned.

To be perfectly honest, the Samsung-S9-favourite-features-list has not been easy to compile, there is just too much to write about and I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface…

As advertising and marketing of the latest and greatest Samsung Galaxy S9 highlights over and over again, this time it’s all about the camera. Don’t get me wrong, the phone is still a marvel but the camera has been “reimagined” and I must agree, it’s a lot of fun and a big deal.

There is so much to mention on this phone that I predict I will have to add a few more posts in the days to come. In this post though, I’m going to go over camera and phone features that really appeal to me. I suggest you check in again – I’ll have some more Samsung S9 substance up.

AR Emoji

I’m sure other manufacturers might soon follow in the Samsung footsteps or perhaps even expand on them but the AR Emoji is a fun feature!

Samsung has brought its own special emoji to the Galaxy S9. Nicely customisable, using the front or back camera, your face is captured and turned into an avatar that resembles you. It’s a caricature of you, rather than an exact replica of you. The kids I teach laughed at the S9’s far-fetched versions of themselves but I was happy with mine.

Hairstyles and hair colour can be changed, glasses can be added, outfits can be styled, it’s all possible. There are many possibilities to create your AR Emoji but as I mentioned the potential is endless.

When you’re happy with your AR Emoji, you can save it and use it every time you launch the front-facing camera. It then, in augmented reality moves the face, the features and the head like you do e.g. open your mouth wide or frown or raise your eyebrows, the little image of you will mirror your every effort. It is really lots of fun.

You also have the option to save quite a few GIFs of “yourself”.

Mechanical iris

The Galaxy S9’s addition of a mechanical iris can switch between two apertures. It’s not a first but it’s a first on a Samsung flagship phone. Choose Pro Mode and fiddle for yourself or

Auto and let the clever camera figure things out for you. Either way you look like a professional with a DSLR. You can control how much light slips into the sensor yourself. The results: superb pictures, particularly in low-light situations. Slide the aperture to the correct level, hold the phone steady and click. Done!

Thanks to the mechanical iris, when taking pictures, it will allow light to flood into the sensor. Low light photos are therefore easier to take. Great bokeh or depth-of-field effects are also a feature of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Broader scenes, wide open scenery pics and group shots are no bother with the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Multi-frame processing

The camera can capture 12 photos at a touch. It takes a split second for all 12 photos to be processed. It considers detail, contrast, and noise, which then throws out the best final photo.

Food mode

Want Insta-worthy pics? Samsung Galaxy S9 brings you Food mode.

Go through the stats and “there are almost 300 million food photos on Instagram“.

From that statement, we can conclude that food photography is obviously a must on social media. So, if you’re a food photographer or even a budding food photographer, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is definitely a well-chosen sidekick, thanks to its Food mode, which optimises any picture but specifically food pictures with enhanced colour and contrast, while Radial Blur guarantees that only the plate is the focal point.

Super slow motion

We’ve heard it before, every phone giant seems to have included this feature BUT with the updated camera on the Samsung Galaxy S9, 4K footage can now be recorded at 60 fps. But Samsung didn’t stop at 60 fps 4K video. The Galaxy S9 also shoots 240 fps at Full HD/1080p and 960 fps at 720p. Videographers are expected to fall over themselves for this, especially those who want to have some control over their content via manual controls (which are also available now).


Super slow-mo is the feature in the Sony Xperia line, and if you can correctly guess when the action is happening, you should be ready. Pre-empting it though can be hit or miss. Samsung avoided this and added in an auto mode which detects when motion starts ramping up and automatically starts the 960 fps capture. I found this a little trying at times. Because the camera is so clever, it sometimes thinks for itself and I frustrated myself taking video after video with no success. Once you figure it out – it’s a neat feature.

Fingerprint reader

The Galaxy S9 fingerprint reader is now where it should be, comfortably under the camera lens on the back of the phone. It was just weirdly positioned on the S8.

Intelligent Scan

We saw three different types of biometric scanning with the Galaxy S8: fingerprint sensor, iris scanner, and face unlock. I wouldn’t say they brought on headaches but there were elements of frustration when trying to unlock the phone in different light conditions. The iris scanner was safe but didn’t work well outdoors, while face unlock worked in good light but not in dull or dark settings.

Samsung has now pooled these features. Intelligent Scan examines the iris for applications that need higher levels of security while the super fast convenient experience of Face Unlock can be used the rest of the time.


Audio on phones is never, ever good but we keep on keeping on in the hopes of getting through whatever we need to see and listen to. Samsung acquired Harmon Kardon and everyone’s hoping that quality sound is now a thing for them. Instead of a solitary speaker at the bottom of the phone, there is another front-facing speaker. Both speakers have been tuned by AKG, so expect sound quality from this device too.

Samsung has mentioned that the speakers are 1.4 times louder than the Galaxy S8. But a partnership with Dolby lets the phone offer spatial audio. The outcome – a more immersive experience in every sense of the word.

So, these are some standout features for me but please check in again when I’ve added more content about the phone.

For me, the Samsung Galaxy S9 would be a worthwhile upgrade but only if you’re in the market for one or if you really want a superior camera on your phone. I also need to mention that Samsung kindly gave me this phone.


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