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Facebook’s 2017 Year In Review

Facebook’s 2017 Year In Review

Facebook this week announced its 2017 Year in Review, highlighting the top ways we engaged on the social media over the last couple of months. Facebookers came together in reaction to events that happened all over the world. These events spawned interesting conversation and debate.

The top three incidents that we discussed globally in 2017, according to Facebook, were:

  • International Women’s Day: This was the #1 most talked about moment in 2017, with people around the world talking, sharing and posting in celebration of women and related issues.
  • Super Bowl 51: Fans around the world turned to their newsfeeds to cheer for their favourite teams, celebrate with Lady Gaga and debate the top TV ads, with more than 262 million views of Super Bowl-related videos on the platform.
  • Las Vegas Violence: This tragic incident drove conversation from around the world, which in turn motivated more than 3 300 people to offer community help through Crisis Response on Facebook.

We supported one another in times of crisis. The top three moments that bore witness to us coming to each other’s aid were:

  • Earthquake in Mexico: The response to this crisis in late September drove the highest number of total interactions within Crisis Response on Facebook of the year, with millions of people marking themselves safe, offering help to their community or donating to the cause.
  • Hurricane Harvey: In late August, the community rallied to help those in need by raising more than $20 million, in the biggest fundraising effort for a single crisis in 2017 on Facebook.
  • One Love Manchester: The most viewed video and live broadcast on Facebook in 2017, this benefit concert generated over 80 million views and raised more than $450,000 for those affected by the Manchester terror attack.

We also made use of Facebook to get together in person. The two top ways people connected through offline moments were:

  • Total Solar Eclipse: This celestial moment in August brought the world together through more than 20,000 Facebook Events in more than 80 countries.
  • Women’s March on DC: On 21 January The Women’s March on DC brought over 500,000 people together on and offline as the largest Facebook event for a single cause in 2017.



The top moments of this Year In Review were determined by gathering a list of the top keywords by volume mentioned in a single day on Facebook between 1st January and 1st November, 2017.To identify which topics were unique to 2017, these keywords were compared to the previous year’s maximum single-day volume. This means that keywords like Mother’s Day and Halloween, which typically represent the top moments every year, did not appear at the top of the list.

Your Year In Review

From the 6th December 2017, you too can delight in seeing a personalised video of your year in your newsfeed. The video includes moments from the big two-zero-seventeen that you’ve shared, but you can edit it on the sly incase there’s something you don’t plan to revisit. Access your video by visiting


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