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Segway expands its mini-series

Segway expands its mini-series

At the 2017 “Internationale Funkausstellung” (IFA) in Berlin, Germany, Segway announced that two new self-balancing personal transporters will be added to its consumer product line.

The world’s leading provider of electric personal transportation introduced the Segway miniLITE and the miniPLUS, which will form part of its new mini-series collection, along with the company’s miniPRO.

“Our vision is to change the way people travel. We want to make travelling and personal mobility an enjoyable and unique experience as well as an environmentally friendly way to get from point A to B,” said Dennis Hardholt, resident of Segway Europe. “By introducing our mini-series, we not only integrate connected transportation and technology into individuals lives, we now offer products for all the family to use on a daily base.”


Segway miniLITE

The Segway miniLITE has a maximum speed of 16 km/h, with a range of approximately 18 km, and can be steered quite accurately with the knee control bar. It features customisable LED lights and the knee control bar also doubles up as a handle to easily hoist the miniLITE and the the fool-proof rider detection prevents riders from falling. Wider and larger wheels were added to make this a comfortable yet sturdy product to travel over tougher terrains while maintaining balance. As a safer and fun alternative to the hoverboard, this is a great choice for children and teenagers during gift season.

Segway miniPLUS


The Segway miniPLUS is the most exclusive of the mini-series. With special features including the “Follow Me” mode which can be enabled through the remote control. This product is designed not only as a vehicle but doubles as a travel companion. But what is “Follow Me” mode, you ask. Simple: Jump off the Segway and it follows you around like a puppy. How great?

The self-balancing miniPLUS can reach up to 20km/h and travel up to 35km. Additionally, like all the products in the mini-series, riders can personalise their ride with customisable LED lights.

Stay smart and up-to-date

Both additions to the mini-series can monitor the user’s statistics with the Ninebot by Segway app. The app makes it possible to check speed, mileage, battery status and enables users to be updated and connected with other users nearby. These two additions Segway miniLITE and miniPLUS will be available in the course of Q4 2017, we hope. Specific pricing will be announced then.


Recently, Segway also announced two new smart electric KickScooters with enhanced range and speed. The ES1 and ES2 are both lightweight, and feature a one touch folding system, allowing riders to practically commute or just ride for fun. The speed differs from 20 km/h for the ES1 to 25 km/h for the ES2 and can even be expanded to 30 km/h with the additional battery. The KickScooters offer a comfortable ride with features such as cruise control, anti-lock brake system and rear shock absorption.

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