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No more cable drama

No more cable drama

The struggle is real – the struggle of tangled earphone cables, that is. They never come out of a pocket or a bag in the same way they went in and they’re so easily knotted, even unrecognizable… so, I thought we’d have a look at some earbuds that might alleviate that headache known as headphone cable.

Looking for no cables? Airpods

Let’s start with the obvious contender to the throne, AirPods.

After a simple one-tap setup, Airpods are automatically on and always connected. These clever little earbuds can sense when they’re in your ears and will pause when you take them out.

Talking to your favourite personal assistant is a cinch. Just double-tap either AirPod to activate Siri, without even taking your iPhone out of your pocket.

The custom-designed Apple W1 chip is what makes the AirPods so unique. It produces extremely efficient wireless connection and provides improved sound.

AirPods also deliver an industry-leading five hours of listening time on one charge and they’re made to keep up with you, thanks to a charging case that holds multiple additional charges for more than 24 hours of listening time. Need a quick charge? Just 15 minutes in the case gives you three hours of listening time. To check the battery, hold the AirPods next to your iPhone or ask Siri “How’s the battery on my AirPods?”

AirPods provide rich, high-quality AAC audio. And when you want to be heard, dual beamforming microphones filter out background noise when you make calls or talk to Siri.

Apple’s AirPods also work with any device that’s compatible with Bluetooth headphones but of course the Apple technology like Siri won’t be available.

The real reason these are winners is their complete lack of cord and ease of use with Apple devices but they are also very comfortable even when lying on your side in bed with one wedged between you and the pillow.

Looking for delivery on reputation? Bose QC20

At the other end of the price spectrum and carrying a price tag of around R6 500, we find the Bose Quiet Comfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones. Shut out the world and surround  yourself with music, or be aware of what’s happening around you – that’s all up to you.

Quiet Comfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones from Bose are engineered to let you enjoy better sound every day and everywhere you go. Turn on noise cancelling to reduce surrounding distractions and focus on your music. Or, at the touch of a button, activate Aware mode so you can hear what’s happening around you without removing the headphones.

Inside, exclusive TriPort technology brings your music to life while additional Bose technologies provide dramatic noise cancellation rivaling any full-sized headphone on the market today.

Proprietary Stay Hear+ tips create a soft, secure fit.

The inline microphone and remote let you switch to calls on your phone, and provide control for select iPod, iPhone and iPad models. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 16 hours of use. And even when the power is off or the battery runs out, you can still use these headphones to enjoy Bose quality sound.

Noise-cancelling: tick

Sound Quality: tick
Comfort: tick
Size/Weight:  tick
Convenience: tick

The downer, you ask? I’ve heard rumblings that changing the silicone ear tips can be a bit fidgety and they have been known to break… but this little hassle happens rarely and can be easily sorted out with Bose themselves.

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Looking for a stylish head turner? Vasa Bla from Sudio Sweden

The Swedes know a little something about making a simple design look astounding. If you’re into looking stylish then the Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla are for you. BUT even though the design of the Vasa Bla is breathtaking, the sound quality has not had to suffer. The ones I tested just scream elegant design with eye catching rose gold detailing and really are a striking but understated fashion accessory with a reasonable price tag of R1 530.00

By integrating Sudio’s 10.2 mm driver which has been amplified and carefully tuned, the VASA BLA earphones produce an extremely clear sound with natural bass.

The Sudio VASA BLA feature Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology, to ensure stable connectivity and sound quality, while easily pairing to devices. They give you the freedom to move up to 10 metres away from your connected Bluetooth device, allowing you to control your music and accept / reject calls on the go.

Featuring a built-in mic and remote, not only are the VASA BLA earphones great for listening to your favourite music playlist but are also perfect for making hands-free calls. A handy remote enables you to answer calls with a simple click, while also being able to skip tracks and change the volume without having to touch your music device or smartphone.

The VASA BLA are equipped with soft silicone earbuds, of which there are four different sized interchangeable buds. The genuine leather carry case just adds to this style of this little accessory. Sudio have therefore ensured your VASA BLA are protected at all times, even when in your pocket and bag.

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Looking at price? Skullcandy Jib Wireless

LUKSbrands recently launched their new Skullcandy Jib Wireless earbud. Featuring up to six hours of rechargeable battery life and an in-line microphone and remote with call and track control, this lightweight and low-profile wireless earbud does not sacrifice style or performance.

Jib Wireless is an evolution of one of Skullcandy’s bestselling wired earbuds, Jib, and it offers the best of Bluetooth connectivity to provide consumers with the freedom of cordless listening without sacrificing audio quality or sleek style.

Jib Wireless also offer all-day comfort with soft, secure ear gels that create a noise-isolating fit to separate your music from any outside disturbance. Added to the feature list are an in-line microphone and built-in remote for taking calls, skipping tracks, and playing or pausing your music, all without ever touching your device.

At R499.00, Jib Wireless gives users high-quality acoustic sound, wireless control of their compatible devices and up to six hours of rechargeable battery life.





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