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Brace yourself for the Sudio Sweden invasion

Brace yourself for the Sudio Sweden invasion

It pains me to admit that there are possibly cultures out there in the big wide world, with exceptional examples of design, engineering and technology. I stem from Prussian family stock and therefore constantly claim that we’re the only people who know how to design impeccably.

Over the years, it has become quite evident that we might not be the only ones with a knack for design. In this case the land of the midnight sun, Sweden, has forged a stellar amalgamation of design and technology. These Vikings are not just blonde beauties, you know, but their blonde brains have been set to work and given civilization an assortment of gifts. Volvo, Ikea, Pirate Bay, H&M, Abba and Alexander Skarsgård – the list continues, are all favoured exports from Scandinavian shores.

The latest brag to make it behind the velvet rope of Swedish consignments is Sudio Sweden, the ear- and headphones brainchild of Johan Gawell, Jonas Wistrand and Carl Sundquist.

This trio was adamant to design and create a product that was both beautiful and offered quality sound – a product they longed for. When their Vasa Blå were launched in 2012, no other brand had thought to try wireless in-ear headphones and the gents from Sudio felt it just had to be done. They would disrupt the earphone industry and offer innovative and beautiful products.

The name Sudio is a tribute to the Phil Collins song “Sussudio”, after one of the founders spotted the music mogul struggling with his headphones in New York. The frustration of wanting to offer the best alternative but not yet being able to, drove the determination to make this venture a success.

With big plans for Africa this outfit has chosen South Africa as its starting point. South Africa has the highest growth in e-commerce in Africa which is why Sudio wants to throw its name in the hat as a contender for ear- and headphones.

The Regent, which are the wireless headphones I tried out, provide unrivaled sound quality and definition. Operating on Bluetooth 4.1 technology and with 24+ hours battery life, these headphones are taking on the traditional headphone market.

By delivering beautiful products with insane sound quality, Sudio is on a mission to change the earphone industry – transforming the earphone from a mere electronics product to the accessory for all.

Check out and have a look at what’s on offer at Sudio.

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Housing: Composite

Finish: Matte and polished

Model: On-ear, Bluetooth version 4.1

Weight: 177 gram

Range: 10 meters

Battery time: 24+ hours (active), 20 days (standby)

Charging time: 10 minutes (quick), 120 minutes (full)

Interchangeable caps

Foldable design

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