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Taking travel into the future

Taking travel into the future

 Smart integrated and automated travel systems for enhanced customer experience

Samsung Electronics is streamlining passenger and cargo transport and logistics services with smart transport. Companies in this space, operating on increasingly constrained margins, must look to smarter operations underpinned by the latest technology to enhance their business.

“Connected operations, automation and advanced mobile systems maximise operational proficiency within the transport sector. This means transport and logistics players can improve their efficiencies, control costs, manage assets more effectively and most importantly – offer a sterling customer experience,” says Mike van Lier, Director of Enterprise Business Division at Samsung Electronics South Africa.

Samsung smart transportation solutions simplify journeys with technology that automates and digitises air, road and rail operations and allows staff to communicate successfully across a real-time mobile network. From electronic maintenance manuals with live checklist functions for engineers and mechanics, through to automated and expedited check-in for passengers, Samsung’s transportation solutions are addressing every aspect of transport and logistics to make processes more convenient and efficient.

Samsung technologies allow transport service providers to create digital hubs through which they can manage operations and logistics, traveller information and entertainment, as well as a range of other services. Linked into the hub, vibrant displays such as the Samsung Video Wall, Smart Signage and Interactive Information Bulletins share advertisements, real-time travel information, maps and more for the benefit of those on the move. Samsung Digital Menu Boards and Self-Order Interactive Kiosks make food and drinks orders quick and easy, while Samsung Location-based Services make navigating transport hubs simple.

Adding convenience and comfort for passengers, Samsung’s Self Check-in kiosk and Mobile Ticketing takes queuing out of the travel equation. On board, wireless tablet and interactive displays take In-Flight Entertainment to the next level, offering high quality multimedia content such as movies, games and real-time flight information. Meanwhile, Samsung’s Smart wireless local area network (WLAN) solution keeps passengers connected throughout their trip.

Efficiency in the cockpit is supported by mobile devices loaded with flight planning and management systems locked down securely with Samsung KNOX technology. Pilots can use the device to monitor vehicle status and real-time environmental conditions, consult electronic manuals and receive immediate notifications from central control.

“Transport and logistics service providers are under pressure to make the travel experience as fast and comfortable as possible. With Samsung transport and logistics solutions, digitisation, automation and mobile technologies are harnessed into a seamless ecosystem to improve operations and significantly enhance overall customer experience,” concludes van Lier.

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